Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring has sprung!

The well advertised change to spring-like weather this weekend has commenced over southern Manitoba, with temperatures of 5-10C across the region this afternoon under beautiful blue skies. The warm temperatures and strong March sun are resulting in a rapid snow melt, with snow cover disappearing quickly over parts of southern MB. The warmest temperatures today are across southwest MB and the western RRV where snow cover is less, as well as forested areas which can warm up faster in the spring due to better solar absorption than snow covered surfaces. As of 3 pm today, Portage, Pilot Mound and Pinawa were the provincial hot spots at 11C, while Winnipeg airport was up to 6c. Even warmer temperatures were found south of the border with 16C in Minot ND, 18C in Jamestown and an amazing 22C in Bismarck! Well above normal temperatures will continue the rest of the week, with temperatures reaching double digits over most of southern MB as the snowpack continues to melt.


  1. The Weather Network is showing a high in the low 20's for Winnipeg on Saturday March 17 (one week from today) on their 14 day trend! Still a ways off, but wow, just wow...

  2. Unreal how fast that snow is dissappearing. North side of city lost over 1/2 the snow depth today with lots of grass and dirt now exposed. One more day like today and ditchs, piles and drifted areas will all that remains.

  3. Portage La Prairie was one of the places that broke a record yesterday!!

  4. With temps so warm this week and now the time change. It is gonna feel like we fast forwarded a few months :)

  5. Winnipeg airport has SHOT up to 9C as of 1:00 pm. WOW!

  6. Hey rob,

    Do you think this it for the snow for the year? Anything on the long term forecast? You never know with Winnipeg. It could all melt and then get doozy of a storm at end of March.


  7. +12 at 3PM!!!
    We may break a record high here today!

  8. It is so warm out there. Actually sweating with my jacket on!!
    C'mon....let's go for the record. Another degree!

  9. Record high for today is 12.5C in 1981.. so it's certainly within reach. Never thought we'd get to 12C at the airport with this much snowcover still left. Amazing warmth. Feels like 20C out there.. so nice!

    As for the prospects of any more snow this winter.. looks unseasonably mild for the next 7-10 days, so no immediate prospects for snow in the near future. However, keep in mind that average snowfall for April in Winnipeg is 10 cm, and most Aprils see some snowfall (sometimes quite hefty amounts too!). So it would be very unusual if we didn't see any more snow this season.

    But then again, it's been a very unusual winter hasn't it? :)

  10. have we broke the record yet? my thermometer says its at least 13C at my place crazy weather!

  11. If we don't hit a record today, we certainly have a chance the rest of the week. In fact, forecast highs this week in Winnipeg are near or above record highs each day! We could set 6 record highs in a row this week!

    Record highs this week for Winnipeg.. (forecast high in brackets)

    SUN 11 ... 12.5C 1981
    MON 12 ... 7.2C 1922 ( 9C)
    TUE 13 ... 12.2C 1902 (11C)
    WED 14 ... 11.4C 1981 (11C)
    THU 15 ... 11.1C 1927 (16C)
    FRI 16 ... 12.4C 1981 (14C)
    SAT 17 ... 12.8C 1938 (16C)

  12. 16 to 17 C in the Whiteshell and Nopiming parks now. That little bit of elevation rise is sure apparent today with the warm temps aloft.

  13. DID we do it????
    Last check it was 12.3 C at the airport. Did it go over that???

  14. Official high of 12.8C at YWG airport today.. a new record for the day! (prev 12.5C in 1981)

    Conceivably, we could be setting record highs for the next 6 days in a row! I can't recall a string that long in recent memory..