Thursday, January 05, 2012

Record mild day on tap.. all time January highs possible over RRV

Today will be one for the record books as a push of unseasonably mild air spreads across the Prairies into southern Manitoba. A brisk southwest flow will send temperatures well above the freezing mark, with afternoon highs expected in the +5 to +8c range over much of southern MB, some 20C above normal for early January (normal highs of -13C). The warmest area is expected in the western RRV from Portage through Carman to Morden/Winkler/Gretna areas where a lack of snow and a favourable downslope wind will likely push temperatures to the 10C mark this afternoon. In fact , these areas are already at a phenomenal +6C as of 8 am! Numerous record highs are likely today, with the possibility that some localities in southern MB may establish all time January highs today. In Winnipeg, today's record high of +4.3C in 1984 will easily be surpassed.. with the possibility that we may exceed the all time warmest January day ever in the city of +7.8C set back on Jan 23 1942.

All time January high temperatures include..

Winnipeg.......+ 7.8C ..... Jan 23 1942
Portage .........+11.1C .... Jan 23 1942
Brandon ........ + 8.3C .... Jan 21 2001
Dauphin ........ +9.6C ..... Jan 11 1986

Will today be Winnipeg's warmest January day ever since records began in 1872? Be sure to get outside today to find out the answer!

UPDATE: YWG's official high today was +6.7C.. easily a record high for the day, but 1.1C shy of the all time January high. (see video of today's mild weather) Temperatures in the RRV climbed into double digits just south and west of Winnipeg (see 3 pm WxBug temperature plot and MB ag-wx mesonet summary) Other highs today included..

Melita ......... 11.9C
Gretna ........ 11.5C
Carman ...... 11.4C
Morden ...... 11.4C
Emerson ..... 11.1C
Portage ....... 10.3C
Dauphin ...... 9.0C
Brandon ...... 7.3C

Further south in North Dakota, all time January highs were established in Fargo (13C vs 12C), Minot (16C vs 15C), Williston (14C vs 13C) and Jamestown (13C (tied))


  1. That is pretty amazing when you are breaking daily temperature records at 9:00 in the morning!!!

  2. RUC showing temps of +8C at 925 mb today. With sunshine, favourable mixing, and a lack of snow cover, that would translate to surface high temperatures of +13C which is possible through the Carman area. With our minimal snow cover here and a good westerly flow along with some sunshine, I think Winnipeg has a good chance of breaking that all time January high today!

  3. Wow, we broke the all-time high for October, on our way to possibly break January's too!!?
    Amazing stuff, keep it coming! lol

  4. 7 C in Portage now!!
    Winnipeg's wind just switched to the west so the temp should rise nicely now!!

  5. Portage continues to impress at
    8 C !!!!

  6. Unfortunately, looks like we'll be in the cloud before some clearing moves in by mid afternoon.. that may be enough to keep us shy of the all time Jan mark. Hopefully this cloud thins out before then, but still an exceptional day..

  7. Closer 12.7 at Killarney /Bannerman
    9.9 at Carman 9.3 at Sperling

  8. Double digit temperatures becoming widespread over southwest MB and western RRV.. noon temperatures up to 10C in Carman and Pilot Mound, 11C in Melita.. Winnipeg at 4.8C, already a record for the day. Can we squeeze out another 3C this afternoon? Skies clearing out nicely to our northwest.. we should be in full sunshine here by 1-2 pm or so..

  9. Rob, Could we have a Manitoba January record exceeding 15.5C ( 60 Farenheit!!) today?
    Killarney (Water Stewardship) already at 13.4C (56 F)

  10. Where did I put that suntan lotion???

  11. Must be a mirage
    7am in January at 11C or 51.7F In Manitoba?

  12. Now I can say I biked in t-shirt in January!

  13. Swept out the garage and took down the Xmas decorations today.. activities normally reserved for March or April. No jacket, just a sweatshirt. Feels just like spring out there.

    Not getting the wind here in Winnipeg.. I guess the wee bit of snowcover is just maintaining enough of a low level inversion to keep the winds from mixing down.. otherwise, I think we would have been able to hit that 8C mark today if the stronger westerly winds had surfaced.

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  15. I will have an update on my blog sometime this evening on a summary of our record warmth in the province today. Come by to have a look!

  16. A high of +6.7C in YWG today.. easily a record for the day, but 1.1C shy of the all time January high. Just didn't get those gusty west winds that would have pushed us over the 8C mark. 10C readings got as close as Sperling and Elm Creek just to our south and west.

    Toady's provincial hot spot was Melita at 11.9C, with Gretna (11.5C), Carman (11.4C) and Morden (11.4C) close behind.

  17. Airport sure seems eager to cool down this evening...

  18. And warm back up. Temps going up and down like a Yo Yo. Showing +3 at the moment

  19. That wind picking up from west sure warming it up probably. Went up 1C in past 10 minutes here at my place in south end. Now 4.4C.

  20. Yesterday's high of +6.7C at Winnipeg airport was Winnipeg's third warmest January day on record, tied with the 6.7C on Jan 22 1942. Only 2 January days have been warmer than yesterday in Winnipeg.. Jan 11 1986 at 7.3C, and 7.8C on Jan 23 1942.

    How close did Winnipeg airport get to setting an all time January high yesterday? Temperatures up to 8C were recorded as close as Headingley and St Norbert, with 9C in Sanford and Starbuck. My station in SW Winnipeg registered a high of +7.4C, while the Forks hit +7.6C. So the airport was literally just 10 miles away from all time high status. Regardless, a spectacular January day.

  21. For the record, the warmest temperature ever recored in Manitoba in January was 14.5C in McCreary on Jan 7 2003. Morden hit 13.9C on Jan 23 1942 (same day Winnipeg hit their all time January high)

    The warmest reading from an EC station on Thursday in Manitoba was Melita at 11.9C. The MB ag-wx site at Pierson, MB, southwest of Melita, registered a high of 12.7C Thursday.