Saturday, January 21, 2012

More snow on the way Sunday..

Some light snow affected much of the RRV today, as a warm front started to push across southern MB bringing a reprieve from the Arctic cold of the past week. This front will usher in even milder temperatures for Sunday, although more snow is in the forecast. A low pressure system will pass through the Dakotas Sunday with a trough extending back into southern MB. Snow associated with this storm system will spread into the RRV and southeastern MB Sunday with accumulating snow likely. Right now, it looks like areas south and east of Winnipeg may get clipped with 5-10 cm of snow Sunday into Sunday night, with lesser amounts of 2-5 cm for Winnipeg and the northern RRV. Note however that Winnipeg could see higher snowfall amounts if this system pushes a little further north. Slightly colder weather is forecast behind this system Monday and Tuesday, but above normal temperatures are expected for latter half of the week.

UPDATE: Looks like main system will be tracking further southeast than earlier thought.. some light snow possible for us later today into tonight, but little accumulation expected. A couple cm possible to our south and east.


  1. We will be lucky if we get a dusting of snow with this system!!

  2. Yeah.. looks like its tracking further southeast than what models were showing yesterday. Some light snow still possible later today into tonight but mainly SE of us.

  3. Hi Rob,

    How about the system to the west?

  4. If you're referring to that band of snow in SK, it looks pretty minor.. and likely won't be much by the time it reaches us, if at all. Eventually I think we'll see some light snow here by evening.. but the main lift will be bypassing our region so amounts shouldn't be much.

  5. Snowfall stats so far this winter: (thru Jan 23rd - snowfall from Rob's Obs)

    JAN 2012: 17 cm
    DEC 2011: 5 cm
    NOV 2011: 22 cm
    OCT 22011: 0 cm

    TOTAL: 34 cm SOG: 10 cm
    NORMAL: 62 cm
    LAST YR: 103 cm SOG: 32 cm

  6. Hi Rob,

    I was wondering how total snowfall is measured. I know this may sound stupid but is there a measuring cup used to collect snow, an area of the ground cleared and measured after each snow fall. Just always wondered.


  7. @anonymous

    Snowfall is measured with a ruler in a general open area, away from fences, buildings or trees that may affect snow catch and create drifting issues. Generally, a few measurements are taken after a fresh snowfall and the average is recorded. This is how I do it at my site. Some sites have a snow board that is wiped clean after each snowfall. Other people melt down the snow that falls in a standard rain gauge to measure water equivalent of the snowfall.

    Nowadays, some automated weather stations have sonic snow sensors that use sound waves to estimate the depth of snow beneath the sensor. But this is not always reliable, and is prone to errors especially since it's taking a reading in only one location. The good ole fashioned ruler used by a human observer is usually the most reliable method when it comes to snowfall measurements.