Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Windy and warm today.. risk of thunderstorms tonight

Windy and warm conditions are on tap today as a gusty southerly flow develops ahead of a sharp cold front pushing through Saskatchewan. Southerly winds will gust up to 70 km/h this afternoon up the Red River valley, as temperatures climb into the upper 20s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop ahead of the approaching cold front this evening and tonight, with a slight risk of severe thunderstorms over portions of western MB this evening with strong wind gusts as the main threat. The storms may produce some heavy rain, but any storms that develop will be moving rapidly which will diminish the heavy rain threat.. good news for areas hard hit by last week's locally torrential rains.


  1. Blowing really good out there today.. gusting 35 knots (65 km/h) at the airport. If you're wondering why my site is reporting nearly calm winds on such a windy day, blame the neighbours' trees. My anemometer is set up on a backyard shed, about 16 feet up. Trees directly south of my yard have grown to 20-30 feet high which shelters those southerly winds at my site, and this only gets more and more pronounced each year as trees get taller. Houses also tend to shelter east and west winds at my site. I'll need to resite my anemometer one of these days to get better wind readings, but until then.. be aware that wind readings from my site will be significantly underestimated from official values.

  2. Solid cloud deck approaching from the west.. but only a few showers along the SK border with little in the way of thunderstorms at the moment. Will have to see if anything develops in the next few hours, but right now, it's looking marginal for any severe storms. Skies will cloud over quickly from the west this evening across the Red River valley, with a few showers developing later this evening.. along with a risk of thunderstorms. Rainfall amounts looking minimal at this point.. perhaps 5 to 10 mm for most, locally 15-20 mm in thunderstorms.

  3. Nice line of tstorms off to our west.. nothing severe so far, some brief heavy rain, good lightning, and some gusty winds.. line should be into Winnipeg by 11 pm or so.