Thursday, August 21, 2008

Showers/thunderstorms on tap tonight into Friday

A cold front approaching from Saskatchewan will trigger a band of showers and thunderstorms over southern MB beginning this afternoon and continuing through tonight into Friday. The heaviest activity in terms of thunderstorms is expected to develop over southwest MB later today then move northeast through the Interlake tonight. Locally severe thunderstorms are possible along this swath with the potential for large hail and damaging winds along with local rainfall amounts of 20-40 mm. Showers and scattered thunderstorms will be spreading across the remainder of southern MB tonight into Friday with rainfall amounts of 10-20 mm possible. Noticeably cooler weather will move in behind this cold front for Friday and Saturday with high temperatures some 10-15 degrees cooler than the 30 degree weather of the past week. Warmer weather is set to return to southern MB by Monday.


  1. Severe thunderstorm watch issued for areas west and north of Winnipeg.. from the Melita/Brandon areas through Portage into the Interlake. Thunderstorms starting to fire up now west of Pilot Mound. Looks for storms to move to the northeast with heavy rain, hail and strong wind gusts as the main threats.

  2. More cells starting to pop now between Emerson and Devil's lake, ND. Trajectory of these cells would take them into Winnipeg by late afternoon if they hold together.

  3. Watch up for more areas now, including Winnipeg, Steinbach, and the Whiteshell.

    Some powerful storms roaring across the province, cloud tops to 40,000ft!

  4. Severe thunderstorm watch now extended into Winnipeg and eastern Red River valley into Whiteshell. Thunderstorm cells now between Morris and Emerson moving northeast. Small hail and heavy downpours likely although storms moving quickly so heavy rain won't last long, at least with this round.

  5. It is SO humid out there!
    I have been sweating non stop!
    I also see that there is a cluster of storms heading toward the city!

  6. That storm that passed by Steinbach dumped a massive 0.2mm on my house!

    The temperature is down to 26.2 from 28 before the storm. The dewpoint also jumped a degree to 19.

  7. Thunderstorm has just exploded in the east side of the city!
    Lots of cloud to ground lighting !
    Watching it from my balcony!

  8. Lots of cells popping up around Winnipeg.. but nothing severe noted so far. Lots of lightning and brief heavy rain, but that's about it for now. This round will pass through by evening, and then that may be it for us tonight as main action shifts more to our north and west tonight.

  9. That intense cell just to your west looks like it will hit you Rob!
    Or just maybe JUST Clip you with very heavy Rain.

  10. A house is up in flames here in Transcona on McMeans Avenue E., just got struck by lighting about 15 minutes ago. About 4mm recieved so far but still raining hard here.

  11. Rob!!
    Have you noticed that the WIND has stopped. It was so windy earlier today!
    And now as of 5:40 pm. there is Dead calm..
    Rob how can that happen??
    60 km wind one hour
    calm the next hour!!!

  12. Those winds were being helped by daytime heating which helped mix strong winds aloft down to the surface. Once we got some rain cooled air, the mixing was essentially cut off, and the winds dropped right off.

  13. Thanks for answering my question!
    I noticed they issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area tonight noting that lots of lighting in the area with many cloud to ground lightning!

  14. Nice band of thunderstorms off just to our west... lots of in-cloud lightning noticeable here in Charleswood with thunder but no rain. Heavy rain will be the main threat with this line. CWB Weatherbug network reporting up to 30 mm of rain at a station just east of Portage. MB ag-network showing 18 mm in Elm Creek and 16 mm in Teulon, most of it within the past hour.

  15. It's shortly after 11PM and it's still 24C outside, would this be a candidate for a record high low if the rain misses us? (Winnipeg Airport or Forks)

  16. Line just went through here in Charleswood with 5-10 minutes of torrential rain, lightning and small hail. Picked up 10 mm of rain in just over 5 minutes..peak rainfall rate of 178 mm/hr at 11:45 pm.

  17. Ya!
    Same here in St James!
    It looked like a small but intense cell just formed over the city!
    I could barely see across the street is was raining so hard for a bit!

  18. Raing pretty hard here in
    West St Paul but I don't think as hard as you guys are talking. Started about 10 minutes ago.

  19. Rob!
    Looks like another round of heavy rain is heading in!
    Could be some urban flooding if this keeps up!

  20. Should they issue a heavy rainfall warning???
    Look at the big batch of heavy rain that has yet to pass through the city

  21. Maybe a severe thunderstorm warning for heavy rainfall...they will probably have to see amounts approaching 50mm from stations before issuing a warning.

    I am waiting for the storms to move through Steinbach, I'll let you know what happens.

  22. Not much out of the storm here. A bit of thunder and lightning, along with some moderate rainfall. I won't be awake long enough to tell you the total...stay tuned tomorrow...

    The wind gusted up to 39km/h on my station, which is sheltered by trees. I would add at least 20 or more km/h to give a more accurate number...long story short the wind likely gusted to between 60 and 70km/h.

    As Daniel noted earlier the wind actually calms down during/shortly after the storm. It is already beginning to calm, but it will be a bit longer before we get the 5 to 10km/h readings Winnipeg got earlier today.

  23. Rob!
    You have any rainfall amounts yet?
    I would be interested in how much rain fell!

  24. We only got 4.6mm in Steinbach, and some of that might have been from rain showers this morning.

  25. Looks like a heavy thunderstorm has developed south of the city!
    Looks like we could get a intense storm shortly!

  26. Chris in Westwood, Wal*Mart rain gauge:
    38mm total to noon so far for this rain event!

  27. Another band of heavy thunderstorms moved through Winnipeg between noon and 1 pm marking the passage of the cold front. Temperatures dropping now and things should clear out by 2 pm.. with a sunny dry slot pushing in from the southwest.

    Impressive rainfall amounts last night into today over the city.. I've picked up 41 mm at my site in Charleswood since late yesterday afternoon. Other rainfall amounts from the past 24 hrs up to 1 pm..

    U of W...... 45 mm
    E St Paul... 44 mm
    Whyte Ridge....33-40 mm
    ST Vital...... 25 mm
    Winnipeg Arpt (EC).... 28 mm
    Winnipeg Forks (EC).... 36 mm

    Amounts since midnight (CWB network)
    Sanford......... 30 mm
    CWB downtown.... 31 mm
    Stonewall....... 15 mm
    Oakbank......... 20 mm

    Largest amount from MB ag network is 70 mm since midnight from Grandview between Dauphin and Roblin. St Claude area also picked up around 58 mm up to 9 am this morning.

  28. I have picked up 7.2mm so far, with a maximum rainfall rate of 61.2mm/hr this morning.

  29. Chris in Westwood. Wal*Mart gauge 3:30PM Friday during the dry slot.
    42 mm rain. Gauge emptied for this evening's round.

  30. At 4:00 PM Friday I'd collected 41 mm near the Grant/Kenaston interchange from Thursday and Friday. When is this going to stop!! I've had enough.

  31. It looks like there's another cold front moving in Tuesday evening. Anything more interesting than a few showers?