Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Finally! - Extended stretch of sunny warm weather ahead

It's been a rarity this summer, but it looks like southern MB will have an extended period of sunny warm weather ahead this week.. possibly lasting right through the upcoming weekend.  A large upper ridge of high pressure is forecast to build over the Prairies this week which will help to maintain sunny and stable conditions from the Rockies into northwest Ontario.. a nice change from the persistent unstable airmass that has brought almost daily shower and thunderstorm activity across the Prairies this summer. Temperatures in southern MB will be pleasantly warm this week.. in the 25-27c range climbing into the upper 20s to low 30s over the weekend. The GFS is even indicating a high of 33C for Winnipeg by Sunday. Perhaps YWG airport will finally hit that elusive 30C mark yet this summer!   Whatever the case.. it finally looks like some nice beach weather ahead this week and weekend over southern MB.     


  1. Well it looks like the Winnipeg airport really does have a shot a 30 C on Sunday~
    If we cannot hit 30 on Sunday the chances are getting even slimmer after that!!!

  2. Environment Canada is now saying 26 for the high today. There's still a few weeks left and hopefully September will be nice, but I'm going to predict Winnipeg will not see 30 C in 2008. I can't say I remember a summer like that.

  3. There are some of us who prefer no hotter then +25 on a summer day. But in 100 years +35c will be the norm from June to the end of September in this part of the world due climate change/ greenhouse gases. I pity my grand children who will have to endure in a world made partially unfit for human habitation.

  4. I was surprised they lowered today's high to 26.. we got to 29. But I don't think we'll hit 30C. Time is running out!

    Oh well, could be worse.. I see it's only 15C down in Southern Ontario today with showers.

  5. What happened to the 10-15 mm of rain they were predicting this afternoon? It just vanished and got replaced with partly cloudy conditions.

  6. Maybe our 30 degree chances aren't gone yet...

    Historically August is usually slightly cooler than July (25C vs 26C), but actually averages more days above 30 and 35 degrees than the previous month. I would venture a guess that lower moisture would allow for temperatures to increase more during those heat waves. That is just a guess, please correct me.

    September also usually gets close to 30 at least once or twice, so I am not too concerned about missing 30 yet, although it is disappointing that we didn't get those warm temperatures in June and July, it ended up limiting really severe storms.