Friday, May 02, 2008

May starts off on a cool note..

May has started off on a sunny but cool note, with high temperatures only around 10-13c.. feeling even cooler with a brisk northeast wind. But it could be worse. Once again just to our south, the northern Plains states are experiencing yet another spring storm system, with blizzard conditions this morning in western SD. Rapid City is getting a ferocious spring blizzard with zero visibilities in heavy snow, blowing snow, and winds of 80 gusting 110 km/h. Ouch! So as you go outside today needing a light jacket, think about the poor folks in Rapid City today!


  1. Very dry today.. dewpoints in the minus teens all day with RH values of 20% or so. At one point this evening, my station recorded a relative humidity of only 15% with a dewpoint of -18. With gusty winds, these conditions increase the threat of grassfires.

  2. Quite the chilly start to the day today.. especially at the Winnipeg airport. Got down to -9.3C there early this morning, just 0.1C off the record low of -9.4C for this date back in 1891. Not nearly as cold elsewhere in the city with lows generally around -5c, and only -2C downtown.

  3. OK
    What happened to the nice weekend!!
    It was supposed to be 19 C on Sunday
    Now 6 C
    What a change again!!

  4. I thought this shifty weather would start to come to an end in May, apparently not! It looks like this coming week should be nicer. The GFS has been suggesting temperatures of 15 to 20C for most of the week, so I am hopeful that will come through!

    I am also hoping for our first severe thunderstorm threat this month.

  5. Daniel..

    See my latest post for some comments on your question!