Monday, May 05, 2008

Arctic Sea Ice Update

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, CO has just issued its spring update on Arctic sea ice conditions. It's a very interesting discussion on how things are progressing this year up north, and what they expect for the rest of the melt season. The update states that April ice cover was greater this year than last year, which ended up with the lowest ice cover extent on record by September. However, they also note that the ice cover this year is mainly first year ice (new ice vs old) which tends to melt faster. Indeed, overall melt rates this April are higher than those observed last year, which would support another record or near record low ice cover extent by this fall. The article even mentions a predicted date for the Hudson Bay shipping season for the Port of Churchill.. July 14th, about two weeks ahead of the normal date of July 31st. Anyways, it's a worthwhile read.. and it will be interesting to see how this year's ice melt progresses through the rest of the summer.

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  1. I am starting to get frustrated with this weather! It has been 3 to 8 degrees below normal for over a week now, and the five day forecast shows no end to this trend.

    Next week looks like it may finally get back to around seasonal, although much above seasonal looks unlikely. Near the end of the ten day GFS forecast a larger ridge of warmth looks to start forming over BC, Alberta, and Western Saskatchewan. Inevitably this ridge will make its way East, hopefully with temperatures in the mid to high twenties (maybe that is a long-shot). I am hoping a big area of moist air will move with it setting the stage for some instability and thunderstorms.

    Rob...What are the other models saying about the coming weather pattern?