Monday, April 14, 2008

Wicked winds whip Winnipeg

Well those strong southerlies developed as expected Monday, with winds gusting up to 80 km/h up the Red River valley by afternoon. Those winds were whipping up areas of blowing dust throughout the city, thanks to leftover sand from roads and parking lots. Not a nice day to be bike riding unless you were heading north all day! Temperatures climbed up to 16C in Winnipeg, but were up to 25C over southwest MB near the SK border (Melita, Virden, etc) Winds will remain strong in the Red River valley through the night, especially this evening. The gusty south winds will make for a very mild night with an overnight low of only 11c. A cold front will push through Winnipeg by Tuesday afternoon but not before we climb to the 20C mark by midday. Cooler temperatures and a chance of showers will move in by Tuesday evening behind the cold front.

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  1. Surprised how cool it got last night even with the gusty southerly winds all night. Note that temperatures this morning are up to 17C at 850 mb over Winnipeg.. while it's only 5C at the surface. Looks like we were advecting some of that cool air south of us at the surface instead of benefitting from that warm air aloft.