Friday, April 25, 2008

Second storm system to affect NW Ontario tonight

Another storm system from the central Plains states will be moving north today, bringing an area of heavy snow to areas just east of the MB/Ontario border tonight into Saturday morning. Snow is expected to spread into northern Minnesota late today and across the border into NW Ontario this evening. Snow amounts will be heaviest between Kenora and Atikokan, where 15 to 25 cm of snow is possible by Saturday morning. The MB/Ontario border is expected to be on the western edge of the heaviest snow area.. with 5 to 10 cm possible in places like Sprague and Falcon Lake. Travellers heading east into NW Ontario or northern MN tonight into Saturday morning should be prepared for more wintery weather and poor driving conditions.


  1. Winter storm watch out for much of NW Ontario, except oddly enough for Fort Frances-Rainy Lake region which could get the heaviest snow from this system.

  2. Fort Frances region added to the watch area on 11 am update..

  3. Rob have you noticed something!!
    These storms are all going to give everyone a taste of winter but they are progressing a little east with each storm!
    First Calgary!
    Then It was Sask.
    Then us!
    Now Northern Ontario!
    Each storm is a little to the east of where the last one was!!!

  4. Snowfall warnings for Sprague and the Whiteshell. Snowfall amounts of 10 to 20cm are expected. Snow has been falling for at least 12 hrs in Sprague. Last night I checked the RADAR at between 10 and 11 p.m. and it had already started.

    The EC RADAR accumulation says only 8mm have fallen, which must be wrong. Unless snow ratio are really high (15 to 1, or 20 to 1?).

    Out here visibility is definately down in light falling snow. Winds of 50km/h gusting to 70km/h are causing any snow to blow around wildly!

  5. Once again, Winnipeg dodges another April snowstorm. 15 cm or more along the Ontario border today while Winnipeg escapes with just cloud and wind. Pity the poor folks in northern Minnesota and parts of the eastern Dakotas.. this is their third significant snowstorm this month.. with 3 of 4 April weekends ruined by these snowstorms. Probably will be the snowiest April on record in many places from eastern South Dakota to northern Minnesota.

  6. The record low for this date is -11
    Tonight low is forecast to be -11
    We have a good chance at setting a new record with clear skies and light winds!!1

  7. Snow continues to persist in South-Eastern Manitoba. Very early this morning the snow started here in Steinbach. It has been snowing all day, and it doesn't look like it will be ending any time soon (according to the RADAR).

    The snow is very light, if it was a bit heavier we could easily have gotten 10 to 15cm here. It is hard to tell exactly how much has fallen because it is blowing around like crazy! I would guess it is somewhere in the 2 to 4cm range. I think we could end off with 5cm, or possibly more if a convective band moves over.

  8. That area of snow has been holding steady just east of Winnipeg and the Red River all day. Still not even a flake here in the city.. but I suspect eastern suburbs may be seeing some flurries this afternoon, with snow becoming steadily heavier as you go east from there. Snow picks up noticeably east of a Beausejour-Richer line with amounts of 10 to 20 cm closer to the Ontario border. Across the border, Kenora is up to 21 cm now, and there's been 25 cm in Roseau MN. This same system produced 30-45 cm of snow through west central MN stranding travellers from Fergus Falls to Alexandria. Quite the late season storm!

  9. We will end up with about 5cm here. The only reason I can tell is because the snow was able to stay put after being caught in the grass. Otherwise it is just blowing around, and there is no other way to measure it.

    We have been under a band of precipitation all day, but yet the snow was incredibly light. It took 12 to 18hrs to collect 5cm, if that puts it into perspective a bit better!

  10. Scott.. yes, the snow on the far western edge of this storm was quite light. Compare that to the snow rates in NW Ontario today.. Red Lake was getting 5 cm per hour at one point, with 17 cm in 6 hrs! Much heavier bands there with embedded convection..

  11. In Watertown, South Dakota, they had 48 cm of snow...that's the heaviest snowfall they've ever had in one day in any month. Amazing that it was during the last week of April.

  12. Amazing. I just read NWS's statement about the event.. Watertown has now recorded 29.5" of snow this April.. which nearly equals their average snowfall for an entire winter! (31") An April to remember..