Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A taste of fall..

Enjoy the pleasant afternoon in Winnipeg.. because a cold front is approaching from the northwest with much cooler and windy conditions behind it. Temperatures behind the front in central MB are only around 14C with gusty northwest winds to 50 or 60 km/h. This front should be pushing through Winnipeg by late afternoon, so be prepared for a noticeably cooler and windy evening coming up! The front will usher in a fall like airmass that will be over southern MB for the next few days before a warmup over the weekend.

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  1. Environment Canada dropped the overnight low for Winnipeg to 5C ... this may not be low enough. Last nite temps stabilized at 7 C after the flow turned westerly. Even though the airport station doesn't pick up a fetch off the city with a west seems to allow better drainage of cold air and the temps don't bottom out like with a northwest flow

    The american progs show the ridge sitting right over Winnipeg by 7 am giving us a light northwest flow the whole night. Winnipeg airport may get just as cold as southwest Manitoba where frost warnings are out if this scenario plays out. The dry topsoil in some places won't help either...lets hope this is not the case!