Monday, August 06, 2007

A little rain on the way..

An area of rain over southwest MB is spreading into the Red River valley this afternoon, and should move into the Winnipeg area by mid to late afternoon. Rainfall amounts of 5-10 mm have been recorded over southwest MB, but amounts will likely be less over the Winnipeg area as the rainfall area weakens as it moves east. However there could be locally heavier amounts with some embedded thunderstorms that are possible this evening and tonight. It's been quite dry in Winnipeg since mid July, with only one main rain event over the past 3 weeks when 15-25 mm of rain fell during a heavy thunderstorm on July 25th. Soil moisture is quickly drying up, as evident by the cracking soil around my house. So a little rain would be most welcome..


  1. Well, we missed out on the rain here with just a sprinkling last night, but they got a good soaking just south of us as a thunderstorm moved through overnight. Morden picked up 47 mm in two hours, while Morris got 23 mm, St Pierre 20 mm and Steinbach 14 mm.

  2. Once again the Morden to Morris to Steinbach corridor gets hit with rain and areas just north of there get nothing. Whenever southern Manitoba gets into an active flow/pattern, those areas are always the first to get soaked. It certainly seems that convection is enhanced in this zone.

    Convection has a much more difficult time initiating around Winnipeg and Portage. The valley is much broader at Winnipeg than south of here ... in southern areas the valley is narrower and there is a more dramatic elevation change.

    I cannot think of any other reason...maybe crop patterns?...who knows...but it would be interesting to study. Sometimes convection from those preferred areas brushes the southeast part of the city and weather stations from there almost always have the highest totals in the city.

    Anyways...looks like a repeat performance this evening...a large thunderstorm complex is taking aim at areas just southeast of Winnipeg. Around here the returns on radar are evaporating.


  3. Well...after all that talk about areas south of us...the area between Swan River to Interlake region has been pummeled with large tstorm complexes the last two nights.

    The complex tonite is building south into a developing low level jet which is feeding moisture and instability.

    Looks like Winnipeg could receive some heavy rain...difficult to say right now because the storms are right over the radar at woodlands and the precip on the radar dome is obscuring the beam. I haven't noticed the American radars having as much as a problem with this?


  4. Dan..

    Yep, it was the north end's turn last night! 22 mm of rain in East St Paul, about 20 mm in Selkirk, Stonewall and Bird's Hill, and 40 mm in Woodlands. Only picked up 0.8 mm here in Charleswood, but very strong winds after 1 am with gusts to 60 to 75 km/h at my place.