Monday, July 30, 2007

West is burning

This satellite image taken Monday evening July 30 shows large smoke plumes from Montana forest fires spreading into southern SK and southern MB. Residents may have noticed a hazy appearance to the sky today, as well as a redder than usual sunset or sunrise. This is due to the presence of smoke particles spreading through a layer in the mid atmosphere, about 10000 ft or so. The smoke layer will likely persist over southern MB on Tuesday before a northwest flow clears out the smoke layer on Wednesday.

Note also several other smoke plumes from forest fires over western Montana and the BC/Alberta border.. a result of several weeks of hot dry weather that has baked the upper Rockies and western Prairies. Forest fires have also been a problem over northern MB as well this month.

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  1. Hi there....I'm interested in connecting with you today about your weather monitoring station. It's for a TV news story for tonight. Would you mind please giving me a call ASAP? My cell: 941-3546.

    Mychaylo Prystupa
    CBC News at Six