Friday, July 06, 2007

River Heights weather site joins Winnipeg mesonet

Another personal weather station (PWS) has come online in the Winnipeg area.. this one from River Heights (click here for data) This station came online a couple of days ago, and uses a Davis Vantage Pro 2 for data collection (very good quality station) Winnipeg now has at least 11 PWS sites around the city reporting real time data online to augment the official weather observations from Winnipeg Airport and Winnipeg Forks. Great to see, and welcome to the Winnipeg mesonet! Data from these sites are automatically plotted on my city temperature map, and included on the Winnipeg area PWS table as well as on a Google map.

Personal weather stations (PWS) are becoming more and more popular, where private citizens or organizations are purchasing their own weather stations, and posting their data automatically to the web for anyone to see in real time. It's a growing hobby, and one that is fast gaining interest from many users who rely on quick and reliable real time weather information from more and more sites. This is especially important for rainfall measurements which can vary widely even within a city itself. (as we've seen these past few weeks..)


  1. Rob ... FYI ... the River Heights station is at Grant Park High School ... and will hopefully be incorporated into science classes there.

  2. Good to know.. thanks for the info!