Monday, January 01, 2007

Rob's Obs 2006 stats

Here are some year end statistics and extremes recorded at my weather station in Charleswood for 2006..

Max temperature: 35.5C (Jul 12)
Min temperature: -32.8C (Feb 17)
Mean annual temp: 5.6C (2.8C above normal) (officially, 5th warmest year on record in Winnipeg)
Total rain: 203 mm (202 mm below normal, or 50% of normal rainfall.. one of the driest years on record)
Total snow: 151 cm ( 36 cm above normal)
Max 24hr rain: 17.8 mm (Sep 17)
Max 24hr snow: 29.0 cm (Dec 30-31)
Max wind gust: 61 km/h (79 km/h adjusted) from the North (Oct 13th)

Highest barometric pressure: 1045.3 mb (Feb 17)
Lowest barometric pressure: 988.7 mb (Nov 8)

Highest dewpoint: 22.9C (Jul 30)
Highest humidex: 44C (Jul 30.. 35C air temp with 22c dewpoint)
Lowest relative humidity: 21% (April 24.. 10C air temp with -11C dewpoint)

Overall, the main story for 2006 was the dryness and warmth.. 10 out of 12 months were warmer than normal including the warmest January on record and the second warmest April. Pecipitation was at a premium with below normal rainfall for every month of the growing season (April through September) culminating in one of the driest years on record in Winnipeg since records began in 1872.

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