Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December 2006 Highlights


It was a mild and dry December over Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba, and other than a month end snowstorm, the month was very quiet with little in the way of precipitation or major weather systems. The month began on a cold note with below normal temperatures during the first week which saw temperatures dipping to a monthly low of -27C on the 3rd. From the 8th on however, every day was above normal, resulting in a monthly mean temperature some 6 degrees above normal (-8.6C compared to an average December of -14.4C) This marks the 8th December in the past 10 years that have seen above normal temperatures in the Winnipeg area. The mild December also marked the 10th month of the year that featured above normal temperatures, capping one of the mildest years on record in Winnipeg, with 2006 ranking as the 5th mildest year since records began in 1872.

Precipitation during December was virtually non existent until a month end snowstorm that dumped up to 30 cm of snow in Winnipeg during the 30th to 31st. Other than that, there was very little in the way of snow with only 8 cm of snow falling in minor snowfalls over the first half of the month. In fact, no precipitation was recorded at all from the 17th until the 30th, resulting in ideal weather and travelling conditions for the Christmas holidays.

All in all, a mild and dry December capping a warm and dry 2006.


  1. Its interesting that even after the storm deposited around 30 cm of snow in Winnipeg, 2007 is starting off with above average temperatures like much of 2006.

    The forecast high for Jan 3 of 4 C seems extremely high given the deep, fresh snowpack we now have. I guess very good mixing is forecast to bring down warm air to the surface.

    Before the snowstorm, we had many clear calm days with warm air aloft but Winnipeg airport never climbed above 0 C except on a few brief occassions. And at that time we had very little snow of course.


  2. Lots of +3 to +6C temperatures in Southern SK today which are persisting into the night.. even in places with snow cover. On Wednesday Winnipeg gets a westerly flow which is more favourable for bringing mild air to the surface (as opposed to that south wind today which maintained cold air through the Red River valley). I agree that +4C may be a little on the high side.. but even with our deep snow cover, I think we should be able to climb to +2C or +3c given the westerly flow and the mild air to our west.

  3. So, Dan?

    How high did the Winnipeg temperature get on Jan 3? ;-)