Friday, January 12, 2007

Frigid Friday

Baby it's COLD outside.. officially -37C at the airport this morning with a wind chill of -50! Ouch! It's the coldest temperature in Winnipeg since Jan 2005 when we hit -38.6C. Last year, the coldest we ever got was -33.7C on Feb 17, so this is definitely the coldest it's been around here in awhile. Looks like the cold will last through the weekend into early next week.. but then long range guidance is indicating another push of Pacific air coming in by next Wednesday with milder temperatures over Southern MB again.. so hang in there! Until then.. bundle up and stay warm!


  1. Frigid indeed...infact it got surprisingly cold at the airport this morning. Environment Canada's forecast low for Winnipeg of -30 C seemed quite reasonable.

    Saskatoon and Edmonton which were under the arctic high on Thursday morning went down to -35 C. Taking into account some moderation as the high dropped southeast it is surprising that Winnipeg managed to actually get colder dropping to -37C!

    Infact the ridge had not completely built into Winnipeg with decent winds to keep things from bottoming out completely.

    850 mb temps were not that cold (-22 C)... the same as yesterday ... and there was a southwest flow aloft above 700 mb. Must have been a very shallow layer of cold air that snuck into the interlake and down to atleast Winnipeg airport.

    By tomorrow morning the ridge should be from southern North Dakota to to the north shore of Lake Superior but forecast lows are no colder than -29 C even in traditional cold spots of northern minnesota. Air mass modification that we never benefited from? ... Or is the guidance underestimating the shallow layer of cold air


  2. How cold is it Johnny?
    It is so cold, I heard a polar bear outside my house, ... sneezing & coughing :-)