Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's raining in Winnipeg!

After 15 days without a drop of rain, Winnipeg and area has finally seen its first rainfall of September. Scattered light showers began around midnight Friday night, with more general showers this morning. Only about 3-4 mm of rain has fallen in Winnipeg as of noon today, but it's the most significant rain in 3 weeks. And for those wishing for rain, there's good news in the forecast as more significant rainfall is expected over Southern Manitoba overnight through Sunday as an unseasonably strong storm system intensfies over North Dakota tonight. This storm system is expected to generate lcoally heavy showers and thunderstorms over North Dakota which will move into Soutern Manitoba tonight. More rain is expected on Sunday as the storm system moves eastward and draws cooler air into SOuthern Manitoba. At this point, it appears that southwestern Manitoba will see the most rain with this system, with 40-60 mm possible by Sunday night. Winnipeg and the Red River valley will likely see less rainfall, with general amounts of 10 to 20 mm possible but locally heavier amounts under thunderstorms. All in all, it's the best chance of seeing some much needed rain in Winnipeg area in over a month!

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