Thursday, September 28, 2006

First killing frost

Had the season's first killing frost this morning at my place in Charleswood (and most of Winnipeg for that matter)with a low of -2.1C at 7:18 am this morning.  My weather station temperature plot shows the temperature went below freezing at 4 am, and stayed below freezing until 8:45 am.  That should do it for the outdoor plants, although my neighbours still have some nice flowering pots going.

The nice sunny morning we have will quickly fade behind thickening clouds to the west which will bring in some rain into Winnipeg by late afternoon or evening. Not expecting too much rain, maybe 2 to 5 mm, which will end overnight into Friday morning. Then it looks like a nice weekend shaping up with partly cloudy to sunny skies, and milder temperatures.. especially Sunday which will approach the 20 degree mark, a nice way to start off October!      

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