Friday, September 08, 2006

Frosty start to the day

Temperatures dropped to the freezing mark over several areas of southern Manitoba early this morning in the wake of a cold front that swept through the area yesterday afternoon. The temperature at Winnipeg airport dipped just below freezing this morning for the first official frost of the season in Winnipeg, with frost scattered throughout rural southern Manitoba overnight. Areas inside the city and near the Manitoba lakes were spared from frost with lows of +2 to +5C (+3.4C at my location in Charleswood with frost on rooftops noted)

Cool weather will continue today with hihgs of only 15C expected.. but plenty of sunshine and light winds will make it feel more comfortable. There is a risk of frost again tonight but the weather will start turning warmer over the weekend with highs reaching the mid 20s again by Monday along with lots of sunshine.


  1. The below zero value at YWG this morning seems rather odd. Overnight lows at Environment Canada stations in Southern Manitoba were all warmer than Winnipeg airport except those considerably farther north and west where the high was centred at dawn. At these locations winds were very light/calm for a significant period, but at YWG winds only briefly became light. The recording station at YWG seems to be in some kind of 'frost pocket'...although there is no obvious topography to cause this

  2. Cool.. my first external blog reply! Thanks for the comments!

    You'll notice that Winnipeg airport will often get colder than surrounding sites, especially in a light north to northwest flow which seems to drain cold air from surrounding rural areas into the airport site.

    Note that Bird's Hill site also got below freezing this morning, so frost was close by.

    Could see a repeat tonight again, but light east flow may save the airport from frost since flow is coming off the warm city. Frost a good bet over eastern suburbs and outside the city. Cover those tomatoes!