Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rainfall across southern MB overnight

Graphic showing rainfall reports from area of convection last night that tracked across ND/MB border. Bulk of rain fell in northern ND just south of international border where 50-100 mm (2-4") was reported. Generally 15-30 mm fell across far southern MB, with the highest amounts of 20-30 mm in the Pembina valley. Most of the rain fell south of Winnipeg with just a trace to 1 mm reported in the city.


  1. That rainfall and many like it have occurred in the last two summers yet Devils lake in the area has lost 3 feet of depth in that time from 53.5 ft to 50 .5 ft . This is equivalent to a NET loss of 500,000 acre Feet of water all through evaporation as there is no outlet.
    That is also the equivalent of Lake Tahoe in Nevada a similar size body of water that appears to be in a much drier place these days.Eachacre foot is 325,851 gallons.
    How much evaporation can occur from a 200 square mile lake . What properties effect the rate of evaporation. Given the rainand snow fall of those 15 months this appears to be close to double that amount on a gross basis.
    This represents a record that has not occurred at any time in the past.

  2. Welcome back Rob. We missed your insightful and in depth comments

  3. I'll second that Jim.
    I hope we can see more from you Rob, as the winter approaches.

  4. Thanks gentlemen.. I hope to post more often in the weeks ahead. I'm also waiting for a new datalogger so I can get my new weather station online.. I hope to get that soon.