Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New weather station online!

After 14 years of trusty weather data with an original Davis Vantage Pro weather station, I've finally upgraded to a new Vantage Pro 2 unit.  The new station is equipped with a 24 hr fan aspirated temperature shield which should result in even more accurate temperature readings than before (which were already pretty good).  Wind data will also return, although the anemometer is currently mounted on a 10 foot pole in my backyard surrounded by forest on the north and east sides. As a result, wind speeds and direction will not be ideal, but it's better than nothing. Eventually, I hope to move the anemometer to rooftop level to get more accurate wind readings. The new station will also give UV readings as my old unit did. All the data is uploaded onto my Rob's Obs website and updated every 5 minutes.  Data is also uploaded every 10 minutes to Weather Underground (ID = IMBWINNI3) 

Hopefully, this station gives me just as many years of trusty, reliable and accurate weather data as my original Davis station did.


  1. Good for you Rob, hope you enjoy it.

  2. Rob - I am also thinking of getting one of these Vantage Pro 2 units. Could you let me know who you purchased this from? Thanks.