Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Warm and windy Wednesday.. Burn ban in effect

A low pressure system tracking into southern Saskatchewan will bring a strengthening southerly wind across southern MB Wednesday , especially through Winnipeg and the Red River valley.  Southerly winds will increase to 40 or 50 km/h by mid morning with gusts to 70 or possibly 80 km/h by midday into the afternoon. The windy conditions will be accompanied by warm temperatures in the low 20s, and very low humidities of 15 to 20% leading to dangerous fire weather conditions.  Local grass or brush fires are possible, and a burning ban is in effect for much of southern and eastern MB. The strong winds may also lead to areas of blowing dust as dry topsoil gets blown around by the gusty winds.  Once winter snow cover is gone, April becomes a prime month for grass fires and blowing dust in the Prairies as strong gusty winds can combine with dry surface conditions to help promote fires and drifting topsoil. Increasing dewpoints, surface moisture, rainfall, and leaf/crop green-up in May and June help to reduce the threat of grass fires and blowing dust as the growing season progresses. However, grass fires can also flare up in the fall.. particularly in October at the end of the growing season and before the first snows of winter.


  1. Neighbour just texted me that my heavy wooden porch swing was blown over on my patio in La Salle. That's some strong winds!

  2. I-29 closed from Grand Forks to Cdn border due to poor vsby from grass fire smoke and blowing dust.

  3. Record-breaking heat out there today!

  4. The column in your obs Blog 5 years ago this week is exactly the same as this weeks weather news, and the fires are still along the CNR line at Wilkes.
    http://robsobsblog.blogspot.ca/2010/04/beautiful-weekend-on-tap.html I don't know

    Whether (our weather) is cause or effect, i don't know but this is the third spring following a peak artic ice melt. 2012 . As was 2010

    It's also a repeat of the mid late 1800s and early 1820s California and upper Midwest droughts in Iowa and the Dakotas an age when William Scoresby in scienific journals and other Whalers reported sailing ice free further north between Greenland and Norway than any other time in recorded history
    You reported earlier, we set a modern record for the lowest and earliest arctic peak ice formation this year. It would prove interesting to find anecdotal or scientific weather records from the Great Lakes for the period. 1800 to 1820
    It will also be interesting to see if Aprils mean temp is anywhere near the 8.x of the last three post ice melt years. 1980 - 7.9C, 1998 - 7.9C , 2010 - 8.3, 2015 - ?.?

  5. Rob how do you calculate the mean temp on your stats page? It appears to use a different method than EC data.

    1. Anon, if you mean the monthly and seasonal temperature records for Winnipeg, there are some months that will be different. The entire list of data corrections can be seen in the quality checks tab if you are curious why there are differences. I have accounted/corrected for missing data, miscalculations and erroneous data entries.

    2. Anon.. If you are referring to the monthly means from my weather station, then yes, it uses a different method than EC. EC uses a straight average of the mean daily max and min temps for the monthly mean, whereas my station uses a running hourly mean each day to compute a mean daily, then monthly average. As a result, the mean monthly temperature from my site is not a straight average of the daily high and lows. I'd prefer EC's method, but this is just the way my Davis weather station software is coded.