Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Storm system brings signifficant rainfall to Red River valley, late season snowfall through western MB/Interlake regions..

Snow north of Plumas MB
near McCreary
credit: @TLCourt
An energetic storm system tracking across the northern US plains into Northwest Ontario brought significant precipitation over Southern Manitoba over the past 36 hours. Over the Red River Valley and Southeast Manitoba, precipitation fell mainly as rain with some locally heavy amounts up to 20 to 30 mm overnight into this morning. Further north.. temperatures were colder and precipitation fell mainly as snow last night through today. Significant accumulations were reported especially over Western Manitoba along the eastern slopes of the Riding mountains in the Dauphin and McCreary areas where snowfall amounts in excess of 30 cm were reported.

The following are unofficial rain and snowfall reports over the past 24 to 36 hours.
Rainfall reports over past 36 hours to 7 PM...

Winnipeg Airport ......... 19 mm
Winnipeg forks ........... 23 mm
Emerson .................. 16 mm
Pinawa ................... 29 mm
Sprague .................. 27 mm
Steinbach ................ 21 mm
Portage la Prairie ....... 15 mm
Morris ...................  8 mm
Morden ...................  7 mm
Gretna ...................  7 mm
Carman ...................  4 mm
Brandon Airport ..........  5 mm

Snowfall reports to 7 PM.. (estimates)

Dauphin ................. 20-30 cm
McCreary ................ 30-40 cm
Ste Rose Du Lac .....  35-45 cm
North of Plumas ........ 35-45 cm
Langruth ................... 35 cm 


  1. My gut is telling me May will be another cool month too.

    1. So the final tally for April was the coldest April in over 100 years and the 7th month in a row below normal. Is the correct Rob

  2. That would follow the odd trend of cold Mays in the last 20 years... We haven't had a top 35 warmest May in just over 2 decades. On the other hand, we've had 6 Mays that were among the top 35 coldest in the last 2 decades.


  3. I see the very promising automated day 6 and day 7 forecast bias continues. 20C Monday and 23C Tuesday.....i'd say highly unlikely at this point. This is not the kind of year that promises that kind of nice warm weather especially this early.

    Even if it somehow does warmup that much which i strongly doubt it will but even so, it cools off quite a bit again after that with another abnormally cold shot. Still alot of very cold air in the north which spells trouble for us. Very typical of a flood year.

  4. Winnipeg could very well see its lowest daily maximum temperature for May 1. May 1 has certainly been a cold day in recently memory. Low maximum records for May 1 were broken in 2005 and again in 2011.

  5. >> Anonymous said...So the final tally for April was the coldest April in over 100 years and the 7th month in a row below normal. Is that correct Rob?

    Yes, that's correct. 3rd coldest April on record (since 1872) tied with April 1907 at -2.1C. 7th month in a row below normal. Sure hope Mother Nature doesn't have any plans to balance out that 15 month above normal streak from last year!!

  6. yeah, sure hope not...the way things are going here to start May, i'd be tempted to believe we are more than likely to have an 8th consecutive month below normal. Ensembles certainly don't offer any hope of a significant overall pattern shift to normal or above normal at least for the next 2 or 3 weeks anyway.

    Still thinking that 20C Monday and 23C Tuesday is way too optimistic....17C or 18C seems more likely. Not that it matters a whole lot anyway because it won't last. Yet another cooldown likely for midweek and beyond.

  7. COCORAHS report of 16.5" (42 cm) southeast of McCreary, with another report of 19" (48 cm) storm total at Ste Rose Du Lac, with 15" (38 cm) on the ground this morning. Looks like the area between Lake Manitoba and Riding Mtn Park were the hardest hit with a good 30-50 cm reported.

  8. A high of +0.5C at YWG airport today.. narrowly missing the record for coldest high for May 1st of +0.2C in 2011. As noted above, we've had a few cold May 1sts over the past few years, 2005, 2011, 2013, each associated with some snowfall to start the month. Big May snowstorms in 2002 and 2004, and another through Dauphin/Interlake area in mid May 2009. So May snowfalls certainly seem to be a more common occurrence around here over the past decade.

  9. Meanwhile, it's 25C+ and sunny in Eastern Canada with trees green already. Montreal's forecast only has highs above 20C and the coldest low is "forecasted" is 11C.

    27.2C in Huntingdon, Quebec yesterday which is the second warmest temperature recorded this year in Canada. Today might be even warmer.

  10. So hopefully Manitoba joins the fun soon.