Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunshine and vanishing snowpack bring double digit temperatures to Winnipeg, southeast MB

The combination of sunshine, a disappearing snowpack, and the strengthening March sun allowed temperatures to soar into the double digits across southeast MB and the northern Red River valley today. Several record highs were established across the province today mainly over northern communities as well as Pinawa (12.5c vs 11.0C) The mildest temperatures were across southeast MB into the eastern and northern RRV including 13C in Selkirk, Steinbach, Marchand and 15C in Great Falls.

Winnipeg just missed a record high today as the temperatures climbed to 10.2C at the airport and 11.4 at the Forks, a little shy of the record for March 13th of 12.2C set back in 1902. This was the mildest day in Winnipeg since Nov 21st when it hit 13C, one of the latest double digit days on record. Thus, with 111 days between double digit temperatures, this makes it one of the shortest winters on record in Winnipeg .

Cloud and fog will spread northward from North Dakota tonight so temperatures will be a little cooler on Sunday.


  1. Rob!

    I noticed that looking at the records for each day that the year 1981 has been appearing quite often!

    Seems like that spring was very warm!

  2. Snowcover in 1981 was gone by the end of February.. which helps us get those warm temperatures in March. 2000 was another year we lost our snow by the end of February, allowing us to reach a remarkable 16.5C by March 6th.

    Satellite pix indicate clearing of our low cloud deck just to the north and west of Winnipeg this evening. If that clearing moves in, our above zero streak may end overnight with temperatures dropping to just below freezing. Tough call though as abundant low level moisture and light winds may allow for redevelopment of low cloud and fog overnight.

  3. Rob.. Have we tied (with 1999-2000) the shortest "winter" break between days with Temps in the Teens? 112 Days November 13/99 to Mar 4, 2000 (leap year)
    November 17, 2009 to March 13 2010

  4. Been stuck in the clouds down here in Grand Forks forever. Should be some sun by Wednesday. we still got quite the snowdrifts in the yards and in town most yards are still snowcovered with 6+ inches of snow and a drive around yesterday still has many fields white.

  5. Well, I'm officially declaring snowcover gone from Winnipeg. I'm noting just a trace on my snow report due to some remnants around, but for all intensive purposes, it's gone. This makes it the earliest snowmelt at my location since 2000 when snow was gone by Feb 29th at my location (Feb 22nd at the airport). Last year, it was April 13th before snow was completely gone so we're a full month ahead of last year. Very nice. That of course doesn't mean we're through with snowcover.. we can still have snowfall over the next 6 weeks or so. But the winter snowpack is effectively gone, at least in Winnipeg. The southern RRV and western MB still have some snowcover left. Overall though, this early melt should make for a less severe flood threat, barring any major rain or snowstorms over the next month or so.

  6. I think the early melt will put us ahead into the early Spring period(assuming no major snowfall for the remainder of the season). With the snow gone this early, we will also see the ground become dry earlier (obviously). This puts us in a good position to see warmer temperatures in April. Of course the large scale weather pattern will dictate our local weather for the most part, but having no snow and dry ground for most of April will certainly cause that month to be warmer than it would otherwise be.

    P.S. Skies have cleared in Steinbach as of 5:30pm. This has allowed our temperature to reach +9C.

  7. Those flood crests are expected on the Red River everywhere from Fargo to Oslo (north of Fargo) this weekend to Monday. Thats 8 to 14 days earlier than last year.
    With No significant moisture for two weeks and a little 2 week cool down we could get by with nothing worse than 09 sans ice.

    Some FARGO flood links

    Fargo Prepared early for Saturdays expected 38 foot crest (AP)
    Fargo Prepared Early

    Fargo Flood Homepage (NDSU) Links page to current and Hydrograph info & comparisons to 2009, and 1997 and current forecasts
    Links include NWS, CITYs Highway Info and EMO Fargo Flood Homepage

  8. Rob!

    Did you notice the "daytime heating"
    cumulus clouds today!

    It's that time of the year!

  9. Jim..

    Looks like we had a 111 day stretch between double digit temperatures this year (Nov 21 to Mar 13). This ties a 111 day stretch in the winter of 1957-58 (Nov 5 - Feb 25) I couldn't find any shorter period than these.

    By the way, temperature has dropped below freezing at Winnipeg airport as of 9:15 pm, the first time since last Monday.. quite the melting stretch for this time of year.

  10. That Fargo Flood Homepage NDSU Link on my name.

  11. Today and tomorrow looks to be a very nice day!

    Might even break some records the next few days!

  12. Churchill with a current Temp of +4C is 28C above the last 9 yr Avg Mean Temp for this day.

    That helps explain why the province of Manitoba closed the winter roads yesterday 3 to 5 weeks after many opened.

  13. ECMWF is showing that high pressure block completely breaking down in the last 10 days of March.

    For us, it looks like other than next week being a bit cooler than normal, temps. will rebound to above normal and remain that way into the 2nd week of April.No significant precipitaion until the 2nd week of April as well.

    To me, it looks like Southern Manitoba will have a decent spring. And with little precip in the forecast, that bodes well for the flood situation.

  14. Potential for very warm temps tomorrow. With westerly flow at mid levels and 850 hPa temps around 10 C, question is direction of surface winds and mixing potential. NAM and GFS seem to show SW flow tomorrow, however if winds get stuck in a more southerly direction, we will be dealing with cool air and trapped moisture coming up from snow covered N Dakota. Therfore highs tomorrow are tricky.. don't necssarily disagree with conservative forecast of 10 C, but if flow does flip to SW early, highs into the low teens possible especially Portage to Morden corridor.

    GFS shows atleast 2 shots of cold air coming down. I hope it is overdoing extent of cooling. Even with no snowcover and strong March sun, it would be tough to get near normal with -14 to -18 C air at 850 hPa.

  15. Two of the three bridges connecting GF-EGF closing Thursday noon. They close at about 44-45 ft.

  16. The Grand Forks Sortie Bridge Webcam is online (with previous days pics)
    Click on my name.

  17. Chris - Windsor Park4:06 PM, March 17, 2010

    If EC's forecast for Sunday pans out with a wind from the north at 35km/h it could feel close to -20C.
    I'm just not used to that anymore!

  18. Rob!

    Environment Canada should make note of the windchill's tomorrow night in there local forecast!

    Especially considering that today is 8 C and tomorrow night windchill's could reach -20

  19. Windchill is included in the forecast only if it's -25C or lower. They found that the risk of frostbite within a reasonable time of exposure begins at that value. That Thursday night low of -12C seems a bit low if there's cloud and wind.. -12C is more likely if we clear out and the winds drop, so the windchill won't be so bad. Windchill looks a little nastier Sunday morning with that next shot of cold air moving in.

  20. Hi Rob,
    Just a quick note to say my PVR captured a CBC Doc Zone episode called "Spies Who Came In By Sea" It was mostly about espionage but there were segments dealing with U537's succesful mission in establishing possibly Canada's first AWOS in Labrador. Let me know if you'd be interested in a DVD copy. Chris in Westwood -

  21. Tonight NWS Grand Forks on the FGF Flood Briefing page the following

    Latest Forecast for Pembina

    Issued: 915 PM CDT WED MAR 17 2010


    In 2009 the flood reached 52.7 feet in Pembina

  22. Bring on the windchill we can use it

  23. Look out for the very strong winds today!

    80 km /h

  24. Nothing heard from you Rob. I'm erasing the program from my PVR. Chris in Westwood.