Sunday, December 06, 2009

Balmy December weather 70 years ago

On this date in 1939, temperatures soared to a record December high of 11.7C in Winnipeg, the only time in Winnipeg climate history that a double digit temperature was reached in December. It was even warmer southwest of Winnipeg that day, with readings of up to 18C in places like Melita and Morden. Above normal temperatures and a lack of snow would stick around right into Christmas, leading to one of Winnipeg's only "green Christmases" ever recorded (the others were 1877, 1913, and 1997). Residents played golf, tennis and lawn bowling on Christmas day 1939 to take advantage of the snow free conditions.

Winnipeggers pose on the golf course on a rare
 snow free Christmas Day in 1939 


  1. Rob...

    What is the record for warmest December and January?

  2. I have a feeling we won't be doing any lawn bowling this year!!!!

  3. Warmest December: 1877... -3.2C
    Warmest January: 2006... -7.4C
    Warmest Dec-Jan: 1877-78.. -8.3C
    2005-06.. -8.3C
    Warmest winter: 1877-78.. -7.2C

    Winnipeg stats since 1872

  4. Rob!

    Compare the warmest December to the coldest December on record with a
    "MIND NUMBING" mean temperature of
    - 26 C

    Whoever decided to settle down in this city at that time probably had their bags packed at the end of the month!!!