Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's up with this weather?

Interesting satellite formation this afternoon.. even Mother Nature seems confused about our spring weather this year!


  1. Interesting find Rob!!!!

    Hopefully mother nature will get her act together and send us some hot weather!!!!

  2. ROB Your comments about the weather looking similar to 79 had me review some of the Climate Data as well as the WFPress archives site about previous Floods crest dates and weather. Since my so called "predictions" are strictly based on related climate patterns and statistics, I will follow up a 125000 cfs Flood prediction (mar 26) with a May Mean OF at least 5C warmer than 1979..Of course as a Golfer I admit a certain wishfulness to this.

    To wit, it looks like May Mean temps were somewhat related to floods from 1950 to 1997 with Flood Year Aprils' Mean Temp varying from -1.6(1950 and 1996) to +1.2 in 66. a very narrow range. The May following ranged from a low of 7.3 in'79 to 9.4 in '96

    However 06 April's Mean was 9.4 despite a substantial flood and this year looks like a Mean just under 4.0 for April. Both are substantially higher than any of the historical flood related Aprils. (global warming?)

    This was posted by mistake to the previous blog. Both the computer and the operator were asleep LOL

  3. Rob!
    Snowfall warning for areas north of Dauphin!!!

    I do have a question!!!
    Back in 2004 Winnipeg area for a epic snowstorm in MAY with almost 30 cm of snow.
    Remember that????

    I can't remember....was that year a real cold year?
    I can't remember the conditions leading up to that "freak" snowstorm!!!

  4. That was May 11 2004.. generally 20-30 cm across southern MB followed by another 10-20 cm the next day over western MB. All the gory details at..

    Note we also had a big May snowstorm 2 years earlier on May 9 2002 with 20 cm.

    Speaking of epic snowstorms.. there are reports of 50-75 cm of snow south of Pincher Creek the past couple of day.. and it's still snowing there! Mwestern Montana expecting 2-3 FEET of snow in the mountains, while parts of southern SK could also get whacked with a good snowfall Wednesday. Yuck..