Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Environment Canada starts 7 day forecasts

As of today, Environment Canada has started issuing daily forecasts out to 7 days. Up to today, forecasts were issued out to 5 days which has been the case for the last 40 years or so. However increased computer power, more accurate models, and ensemble forecasting techniques has enabled EC to extend their daily forecast out to 7 days. Of course, these forecasts should be used as a rough guide only with a focus on trends rather than actual values. Note that forecasts for day 6 and 7 will be based on the Canadian ensemble forecast system, while forecasts for Day 3-5 will still be based on the 120 hr GLB model. Note also that all forecasts from Day 3-7 are automated from Montreal with no human input from local Winnipeg forecasters.


  1. Canadian GLB and European models showing significant snowstorm hitting southern MB next Tuesday.. while GFS shows the storm bypassing us to the east. Will be interesting to see how the models trend with this one.. Stay tuned.

  2. You know the skill score of EC's public forecasts is abismal. Nobody wants or needs a 7 day outlook form E.C.