Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some smoke and fireworks for Canada Day

Mother Nature has served up some of her own Canada Day fireworks today with some severe thunderstorms firing up over southeast MB ahead of a cold front pushing through from the north. The front moved through Winnipeg just before 5 pm, shifting winds into the north and dropping temperatures and humidity levels noticeably bringing relief from the hot and humid conditions this afternoon. The brisk northerly winds however are ushering in a large area of smoke aloft from northern SK forest fires into southern MB. Residents of southern MB will notice a hazy look to the sky this evening along with locally reduced visibilities, a brilliant red sunset, and a distinct smell of smoke.


  1. Just looking at the June averages...sigh.

    Another below average month for temperature(22.1), and above average rainfall. Rainfall of 104mm, and even a very light frost at the beginning of the month (-0.1). Extreme low temperature of 15.4 (high), and -0.1 (low). Extreme high didn't even crack 30 (29.7).

    By comparison last June was about 1 degree warmer on average. The extreme high was 30.7, and low -1. So it was actually a more extreme month last year, and rainfall was 123mm. We didn't fair all that badly this late spring/early summer. Although it wasn't nearly as warm, nor did we see the severity of thunderstorms.

  2. My June summary posted at..


    Rainfall was quite variable across the city in June, especially from west to east. Western sections of the city, including the airport, had 105-120 mm for the month, but parts of northeast Winnipeg such as East Kildonan reported monthly totals as high as 213 mm, twice the amount that fell west of the Red! A lot of the difference was from that thunderstorm last Friday that dumped up to 53 mm of rain in E.Kildonan, while the west hardly got a drop. Goes to show the value of a dense mesonet when precipiation can vary so much even within the same city!

    As for this month, things looking better for some warm weather that may last much of the month. We're certainly overdue.. we've now had 5 consecutive months below normal!