Saturday, June 21, 2008

Storms develop over east Winnipeg

Thunderstorms have developed along a lake breeze convergence zone between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba, setting up right through the middle of Winnipeg. (see radar image) The N-S convection axis cuts right through the middle of the city, with storms pretty much confined to the east end, nothing but blue skies in the west. Localized downpours, and small hail have been reported with the storms. Storms are moving to the south-southeast at about 40 km/h.


  1. Severe thunderstorm WARNING for Winnipeg!!!!
    Large hail is likely!!

  2. Warning issued for city of Winnipeg.. mainly eastern sections. Storms have produced hail up to the size of loonies north of the city.

  3. Still a sunny 26C here in Charleswood as of 3 pm, but a rain cooled 16C in East St Paul in the northeast part of the city.

  4. I reported the funnel cloud to Environment Canada, and showed them my picture.

    Here it is, in case you want to see it:

  5. Nothing much here in Steinbach. Some heavy downpours and a bit of lightning is all we have seen so far. I wouldn't be surprised if some small hail fell just West of town, but otherwise I don't think much has happened.

    It looks like some storms East of Winnipeg are headed this way, maybe some larger hail?

  6. Yes, Scott, more hail. It has hailed here 4 times since 2 pm now.

    I was outside in the middle of every single one of them :P

    Looks like a nice bow echo forming in the Interlake!

  7. More thunderstorms for South-Western Manitoba, the other parts of Manitoba have been short-changed yet again.

    This part of Manitoba has seen numerous severe weather events, while the Red River Valley has seen basically none, when will this change?

  8. Another storm heading our way this evening. Lights are starting to flicker a bit in my downtown apt.

    Are we getting too much rain yet? The riverwalk at The Forks is under water.

  9. Looks like tomorrow could be a very interesting day in terms of severe weather>
    SPC is putting southern Manitoba in a 30 % chance of severe weather!!!