Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday soaker!

A real soaker out there today with wind swept heavy rain falling across Winnipeg and much of Southern MB.  I've received 28 mm as of 8:45 am, about 18 of that in the past couple of hours. City sewers having trouble keeping up with the volume of rain with waterlogged streets everywhere this morning.  Highest amount so far is 42 mm at the CWB site in Glenlea south of Winnipeg.  Radar shows moderate to heavy rain continuing this morning before tapering off this afternoon. With rainfall rates of 5-10 mm per hour in the heaviest bands, we could end up with rainfall totals of 40-60 mm across portions of the Red River valley.   Will try to keep you up to date on rainfall totals as the day progresses.. Feel free to pass along any rainfall reports you have in the comments section.  


  1. Heavy rainfall warning issued for Winnipeg and Red River valley for up to 50 mm of rain today. Rainfall warnings are issued for events with 50 mm of rain within 12 hours or less, or 75 mm within 24 hours.

    Currently up to 39 mm here at my site, with reports of 40-50 mm in other parts of the city.

  2. WOW
    That 39mm already
    and the day has just started!!
    Tornado watch south of the border too!!!!

  3. My weather station has reported 22.4mm so far today. High rainfall rates of over 25mm per hour tell the story of the heavier bands (at my station).

    Looks like some thunderstorms will move into Southern Manitoba later this afternoon. Lots of moisture with the dewpoint at 15. Temperature is 16, so I wouldn't be surprised if we got some good activity later today.

  4. 35 mm in my back yard wx gauge in Westwood. Chris

  5. Severe thunderstorm watch issued for the southeastern manitoba!
    I wonder if any big storms will fire up later on today???

  6. Looks like the rainfall is over for the most part here in Steinbach. The total is 24.6mm so far, but may rise with the passing shower or two.

    Some severe storms possible in South-Eastern Manitoba tonight? I don't think we will see any here, with the temperature only 14 degrees. Down in Sprague it is 17, with the dewpoint at 16.

    Next week looks active for possible severe weather in Manitoba.

  7. I recorded 37.0mm in East Transcona since last night.

  8. Pressure down to 981 mb at my site.. lowest pressure reading of the year. Unusual to get such an intense system at this time of year..

  9. My barometer also got down to 981mb...

    These system are all fine with me, but I want to be in the warm sector, with all the severe storms!!!!!

  10. Some rainfall totals today across Winnipeg as of 7 pm.. (all unofficial values from non-EC weather stations)

    E St Paul....... 55 mm
    Ft Richmond..... 53 mm
    Charleswood..... 45 mm
    St Vital........ 43 mm
    Whyte Ridge..... 41 mm
    E Transcona..... 37 mm (to 4 pm)

    Max CWB Weather bug sites..

    Glenlea.......... 61 mm
    Balmoral......... 53 mm

    Max MB Ag-wx sites....

    Elm Creek......... 45 mm
    Teulon............ 43 mm
    St Pierre......... 42 mm
    Treherne.......... 42 mm
    Winkler........... 42 mm

  11. An additional 5mm between noon and 11pm for a total of approx 40mm in Westwood. Chris

  12. I got 26mm for the day, that is official now (since it is very early Saturday morning).

    Looks like the Red River Valley got the worst of the rainfall. I suppose it was good for the dry conditions there. As long as we don't see any mosquitoes coming out in the next few days I will consider this rain a good thing.

  13. I received an additional 4.0mm (up to Saturday morning) making it a total of 41.0mm in East Transcona.

  14. Today looks a bit interesting with a chance of thunderstorms. Not to mention the PASPC Discussion's note of a slight risk of cold core funnels.

    We'll have to watch later on.

  15. Some nice cumulus clouds are forming all across Southern Manitoba. These are not just the small, sunny day type clouds, rather ones with higher tops indicating some instability.

    EC is discussing the potential for some strong non-severe storms, as well as possibly severe storms if higher temperature/moisture values are present later this afternoon. Will this be the third weekend in a row with tornadoes??

  16. According to the SPC's mesoanalysis earlier today, Southern Alberta had SBCAPE values of 5000 to 10,000 J/kg. I found this funny, considering in Calgary at the time the temperature was only 9 degrees.

    The CAPE has now been revised, and is only 250J/kg, bit of a mistake there!