Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow moving into Winnipeg this evening

The snow has been having a tough time surfacing in Winnipeg and much of the Red River valley this evening. Radar has been showing echoes over us much of the evening, however dry air in the low levels has been evaporating the snow before it hits the ground. However it looks like a leading edge of snow will finally make it in by 10 pm or so into Winnipeg from the west, and with those gusty southerly winds of 40 to 60 km/h, look for visibilities to drop significantly in snow and blowing snow, perhaps 1 km or less especially in open areas outside the city. The snow should last for a few hours with up to 5 cm possible before it tapers off overnight.


  1. Ottawa had 52cm of snow with that last storm, more than we have had all winter!

    It looks like after this warm spell we will go back to an arctic air mass. I voted for the first week of April in the current poll, because it looks like sub-zero temperatures will continue to last well into March.

  2. Yeah, that was an impressive storm for Eastern Canada. Toronto, Ottawa ad Montreal all within 20-30 cm of their snowiest winters ever. In Ottawa and Montreal, their all-time snowiest winter was in 1970-71.. another La Nina winter that typically sees above average snowfall through the Great Lakes. (Not that La Nina guarantees a snowy winter every time, but it favours that chance in that part of the world)