Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mar 29 Storm snowfall totals

This satellite image today clearly shows where the bulk of snow fell with yesterday's storm across southern MB. The snow line extends from the SK/MB/ND border point to north of Melita through Souris to Portage and into the Gimli area. South of this line, precipitation was mainly a wet snow/rain mix that didn't accumulate much, generally less than 5 cm. North of this line was mainly snow with more significant accumulations of 15 to 30 cm.

Some of the snowfall totals reported included..
Brandon         12 cm
Neepawa 18 cm
Strathclair 30 cm
Rossburn 18 cm
Dauphin 20 cm
Carberry 10 cm
Amaranth 25 cm
Alonsa 35 cm
McCreary 25 cm
Steep Rock 15 cm
Ashern 30 cm
Lundar 10 cm


  1. Guidance has been too cold for overnite lows recently. Last nite's forecast busted badly by nearly 10 degrees. The forecast low for tomorrow morning is a whopping -17 C. I am guessing the guidance is getting tripped up by the absence of a fresh/deep snowpack. What little remains is more like refrozen slush ... not good for radiating heat (higher thermal conductivity). There is little to no cold advection tonite, so the mercury drop will be fueled by radiative processes only.

  2. Interesting to see a lot of convection form today over the snowfree terrain south and west of Winnipeg today.. yet that convective cloud was notably absent as soon as you hit the snowpack over Brandon/Dauphin areas. That April sun is really starting to heat that bare ground now, where there is any!