Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The week ahead

Today and Wednesday should be dry and seasonable across southern MB with occasional sunshine and near normal temperatures. On Thursday an Alberta clipper system is forecast to track across the Interlake bringing a threat of snow to the south (maybe a couple of cm) with a better chance of accumulating snow through the Interlake and central MB. Drier and briefly colder air will move in for Friday before another more intense Alberta clipper system moves across southern MB over the weekend. This system will likely bring another bout of snowfall to southern MB (perhaps 5 cm or so?) over the weekend with a return to colder weather behind the system by Monday of next week.. thanks to yet another dreaded Arctic high from the Yukon pushing a new surge of Arctic air across the Prairies. This will likely result in below normal temperatures for the first week of March..      


  1. Looks like a moderate snowfall for Thursday. Maybe 5 to 10cm in the South-East, and 5cm elsewhere?

    Friday morning will be windy, so there will be some good blowing snow again!

  2. Yes, models are coming in line that we may see a good burst of snow here in southern MB Thursday, with 5-10 cm possible over the Red River valley and SE MB. Normally with a low going north of us, we usually don't see much snow with clipper systems. However models are indicating a fairly strong vorticity maximum associated with an impulse moving in off the northern BC coast which may enhance lift by the time it reaches southern MB and lead to more intense snowfall rates south of the low.

    Right now, not much happening on radar out west so we'll have to see if this scenario develops. Stay tuned..

  3. So far only about 1cm here as of 4 p.m. The more intense band of snow is about to pull through, so maybe another 2 to 5cm tonight.

  4. I picked up a quick 6 cm here in Charleswood, most of it between 3:30 and 6:30 pm when it was falling quite heavily at times. Nice mild evening to enjoy the new powder!

  5. Good shot of snow in the warm advection zone of the clipper. Winnipeg may briefly reach zero as we tap a mild WNW flow in the warm sector. That sector is hanging tough with very uniform temperatures in it... looks like it will not collapse before reaching us. We might get brushed by some wrap around snow as the colder moves in.

    There are 2 more clippers to contend with... one on Sunday and one possibly on Tuesday. After the third storm we will have watch as a deep trough from the arctic vortex extends down into NW Ontario. With an arctic ridge at the surface settling into S Manitoba... -30 C is a pretty good bet Thur - Sat mornings especially at the good ole airport. Please ...make it stop!

  6. Wow
    Just wonderful!
    It's gonna be 0 tomorrow for a daytime high.... to bad the wind is gonna be so strong!!!