Monday, February 25, 2008

Currently -18 in Winnipeg..or is it?

Quite the difference between the temperature at the Winnipeg airport and everyone else in the city this morning. While the airport was reporting a chilly -18C as of 8 am, most other reporting sites in the city were a good 5 degrees warmer at the same time, with values around the -12 to -13C mark. So if you thought it didn't really feel like -18c out there this morning, you're right. Once again, a light northwest drainage flow has allowed temperatures at the airport site to drop quite a bit more than most areas of the city. In fact, even areas outside the city were only around -13 to -15C mark which shows how localized this pocket of cold air is at the Winnipeg airport.. a common occurrence in situations with clear skies and light northwest winds, especially with snow on the ground.       


  1. Happened again this morning (Feb 26).. temperature at the airport dropped from -11 at 7 am to -19 at 8 am after skies cleared with a light northwest wind. Most areas of the city however only got down to -11, almost 10 degrees warmer!

  2. Thats crazy... recording stations should not be dropping 7 degrees in one hour. Again this morning all the CWB were at least 3-4 degrees warmer if not 10 in some cases! I suppose the urban infrastructure to the southeast acts as a damn impeding the drainage winds and causing the cold air to collect at the station.

    If that recording station is not even representative of the agricultural regions northwest of the city... it has no business being the official recording station for Winnipeg.