Sunday, January 13, 2008

The week ahead..

After a week with little weather to talk about, the weather this week will be a little more interesting (which isn't a good thing for some people!) Today is starting off clear and cold as an Arctic airmass over northern MB spills southward. This cold airmass will begin moving eastward on Monday as a storm system begins developing over Western Canada. Strong southerly winds ahead of the system will move into the Red River valley Monday night into Tuesday with gusts to 70 km/h likely. This will produce considerable drifting snow especially across east-west highways, with local blowing snow giving reduced visibilities in open areas. The southerly winds will advect milder air into southern MB on Tuesday with highs of -5 expected by late afternoon. However, don't let that high of -5 fool you.. the strong southerly winds will make it feel much colder, especially in the morning. This system will bring an area of snow into Winnipeg by Tuesday night as a cold front advances east signalling the arrival of much colder air spreading in over western Canada this week. Gusty northwest winds will bring this colder airmass into southern MB Tuesday night into Wednesday with temperatures dropping to below normal values. Current forecasts indicate normal temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday but don't be surprised to see these temperature forecasts trend downwards over the next few days.


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    What is the chance of a blizzard on Wednesday?

  4. Looks like the latest run of the GFS is showing some more snow that before!!!
    It could be at least 5 cm....
    maybe even more
    Maybe 10cm????
    Strong winds

  5. Local blizzard conditions are possible Tuesday night into Wednesday morning as those strong northwest winds develop and bring in that colder air. It all depends on how much new snow we get Tuesday night.. but even a cm or two will be enough to give some blowing and drifting problems as those cold northwesterlies pick up. As usual with these type of events (such as back on December 13th), blizzard conditions would likely be mainly confined over rural areas.. especially from the Carman and Morris areas down to Emerson where northwest winds can really funnel and pick up that loose snow. Visibilities in Winnipeg and other built up areas should not be as bad.. but be prepared for poor travelling conditions Wednesday morning with possible road closures outside city limits.

  6. Do you think blizzard warning criteria might be met either Tuesday or Wednesday morning. According to EC Steinbach will get the heaviest snow with 5-10cm expected. Winds will be 50 G 70 Tuesday morning, then 40 G 60 in the evening. Wednesday's wind forecast from EC isn't out yet, but I think 40 G 60 would be easily possible again Wednesday morning?

  7. I don't think blizzard warning criteria will be met with the southerly winds Tuesday morning.. there will likely be some reduced visibilities in blowing snow but I don't think it will be widespread enough to meet blizzard criteria. We just haven't had much new snow lately, and the snowpack is pretty compacted. In addition, it's not as common to get southerly blizzards here unless there's snow falling with the strong winds, and we don't expect any new snow until Tuesday night. What little loose snow is out there will likely result in heavy drifting..especially across east-west highways.

    There's a better chance of blizzard conditions being realized overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning as the northwesterlies pick up and bring in that colder air. This will give more ideal conditions for producing blowing snow since cold air is heavier and can pick up loose snow more effectively.. but again it depends on how much new snow we get Tuesday night. Current projections show about 5 cm here in the Red River valley, with the bulk of the snow staying through the interlake. This may be enough to give blizzard conditions for a few hours mainly over open areas especially in the areas from Portage down through Carman and Morris down to Emerson. Regardless, travelling conditions across the Red River valley will be deteriorating due to these strong winds over the next couple of days.