Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Colder this weekend, then mild again next week

We've been enjoying some nice milder than normal temperatures the past couple of days, along with the messy roads that go with it (the downside of milder temperatures in a Winnipeg winter) It looks like we'll get into some colder air this weekend (maybe enough to keep the car clean for a couple of days!) before milder temperatures return for next week, and the Christmas holiday. All in all, no major snowstorms to worry about over southern MB through Christmas at this point, although Saturday could be blustery with occasional snow. Have a safe and happy holiday wherever your travel plans take you!


  1. No major snowstorms!!!
    It amazing how quickly things MAY change!!!

  2. Winter Storm Watch for all of Southern Manitoba, how exciting!!

  3. Rob,

    if you are still looking for websites to post on the links area of your website, I would appreciate it if you put mine on there:

    I saw that you have something for Steinbach already, but nothing for weather just current conditions, if you post mine you can have both!

  4. Sure thing Scott.. I'm planning on making a few website changes in the new year, so I'll be sure to include your site!

  5. Rob,

    I have added a webcam to my website, so if you like you can use that on your web cams page also if you want! I haven't viewed it during the day yet, but at night it is black unfortunately because my street has no lights.

  6. The address is
    then click the webcam link

    Thought I would add this encase you forgot the address!

  7. Rob,

    I miss your weather updates, are you still around?

  8. Scott..

    Yes, I'm still around.. just been too busy over the holidays to keep up the blog. I'll be back at it as soon as the kids are back at school!

  9. Ok,

    we will await your return!!

  10. Hey Rob!

    This is my first post here! I just wanted to say your site rocks, and the conditions and everything are great!

    Thanks again,