Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where's the sun?

It's been a dreary few days over Winnipeg and Southern MB with generally overcast skies and cool conditions, as well as that washout of a Thanksgiving Monday. Our last sunny day was last Thursday (Oct 4th) which helped boost temperatures to 18C. Since then, afternoon temperatures have generally been stuck between 5 and 10c under overcast skies. Here in Winnipeg we had some brief sunny breaks Sunday morning (7th) otherwise, it's been overcast since last Friday. But that isn't unusual for this time of year as cool air begins flooding over the Prairies with still relatively warm ground and open lakes providing low level moisture. As a result, quite often you can get several days of cool cloudy weather during these months even in high pressure ridges (known as "dirty" highs in these cases) We're in such a period right now, and it looks like we'll stay cloudy through Friday before we get a better chance of some sunshine this weekend.


  1. Let us know when it will be warm and sunny again, I thought summer wasn't over after that day when temps were almost 30. After that it seems we can't even reach 10.

  2. Things are looking better into the weekend and through next week with more sunshine and temperatures climbing to above normal values through the period. We won't be seeing 30 again.. but mid teens look likely next week.

  3. Fri Oct 12th.. our 8th straight day of cloudy skies. Some clearing working in near the SK border, and hopefully we can get some westerly winds tonight and Saturday to flush out this stubborn low cloud that's been over us for so long. Unfortunately models are indicating light winds over southern MB this weekend which may make it tougher to scour out this low level moisture.