Saturday, October 27, 2007

Growing season officially ends downtown

It took awhile, but the 2007 growing season officially ended this morning for downtown Winnipeg, with the Forks weather station recording a low of -1C. This is the first freezing temperature at the downtown site since April 17th when a low of -0.4C was recorded, giving the downtown core a growing season this year of a whopping 192 days.. or over 6 months. This has been evident with the abundance of flowers and even some vegetable gardens still living in many areas of the city, especially downtown.

Contrast this to the Winnipeg airport site, which had a frost as late as May 27th (-0.1c) and as early as Sept 14th (-1.4c) for a growing season of only 108 days, almost half the length of downtown. This shows the large difference in nighttime temperatures between the more open rural areas around the egde of the city, and the more urbanized downtown core.

Here at my station in Charleswood, the official growing season lasted from Apr 26th to Oct 14th, or 142 days.. a good average for the city in general. This just goes to show how basing the growing season solely on the Winnipeg airport site can be very misleading!

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