Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weather Update - Manitoba Marathon

An area of showers and thunderstorms developed over North Dakota last night and is advancing northward into southern Manitoba this morning. As of 5 am the leading edge of the rain shield was just crossing the border from Melita to Emerson heading north. At its current rate.. the rain should be moving into the Winnipeg area by 8 or 9 am or so. The good news is that the area of rain appears to be weakening as it heads north so the rain may be light by the time it reaches Winnipeg. However there is still the possibility of some heavier showers at times along some embedded thunderstorms.. so be prepared for the possibility of lightning this morning. Once the rain moves looks like it will last for a few hours before a break later this afternoon.

7 am weather update.. Ideal conditions to start the race this morning with cloudy skies, light east winds, and temperatures of 16C. In addition latest radar shows the area of rain south of Winnipeg is weakening so the rain may hold off for much of the race, leaving just cloudy skies and comfortably cool temperatures.

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