Friday, June 22, 2007

Tornado hits just west of Winnipeg in Elie.. damage reported

June 22.... A tornado hit just west of Winnipeg around 6:30 pm Friday evening in Elie, MB on the TransCanada between Winnipeg and Portage. Significant damage was reported including damage to several buildings as well as a tractor trailer being thrown into a field off Hwy 1. No reports so far of deaths or injuries. The slow moving tornado was on the ground for at least 30 minutes and was extensively photographed by numerous eyewitnesses along the TransCanada along with some video footage. These dramatic photos of the Elie tornado were taken by Wayne Hanna (left image) and Justin Hobson (right image). For additional photos and full story, see today's Winnipeg Free Press.


  1. A Narrow escape for Winnipeg and all the folks at the west end of the city at the Exhibition grounds. It's very fortunate this storm missed the Ex otherwise there could have been some folks seriously hurt.

  2. Yeah, that's an event organizer's worst nightmare.. a major tornado striking a large outdoor gathering. By the looks of the damage, it appears the Elie tornado was very strong.. at least an F3, perhaps an F4 since some houses were completely taken off their foundation. Luckily the tornado was very visible and slow moving allowing ample time tol take cover.

  3. Rob -
    Do you have contact info for photogs and videogs whose material you have on the site? Looking to license some of this tornado stuff if I can track these folks down.

  4. would you provide a copy of the pics for sell? gmackay

  5. i was in winnipeg when this all took place...i tried to go to the exibition grounds and we looked far over there...and it was dark and real cloudy....alotta thunder and lightning ...very scary time.
    theres gonna be alot in manitoba this year again...keep a close watch out...

    so we didnt not go to the ex that year...well i just like to share that with you all

    add me


    for more details!

  6. i was working at the x when this happened and it was horrible very scary and we had to hi in bathrooms!