Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mild week ahead.. November ending on a mild note after cold start

After a cool weekend, milder weather is set to return to southern Manitoba Monday as another clipper system brings in a shot of warmer air from the west. Temperatures are expected to climb above freezing again across much of southern MB Monday with afternoon temperatures near +3C and up to +7C over snowfree and downslope areas.  Mild weather last Friday eroded a lot of the snowpack over far southern and SW MB, where a lot of bare ground is now becoming exposed even just south of Winnipeg.  This will make it easier for mild temperatures to surface, eroding even more of the snowpack over the next week.   Tuesday will see cooler temperatures return, but will still be near or above normal (normal highs now are -4C)  Temperatures are expected to remain above normal the rest of the week with highs near or above the freezing mark through Friday.  So after a frigid start to November (7th coldest start on record over the first 10 days), the month will end up on a mild note with above normal temperatures likely persisting into the early part of December.


  1. I've updated my website program so that it should now display the most recent data and graphs from my weather station properly (every 5 minutes or so) There was an issue where the latest images were not getting uploaded to my website because of recent browser updates. Hopefully, this resolves the issue. Many thanks to Brad from AWM for helping with the fix..

  2. I'm down to 2 cm snowdepth of this morning after a mild night last night when temperatures remained above 0C all night, and some rain last evening. Lots of bare spots opening up in the city.. and it's pretty much snowfree south of the city now. Sat pix and webcam images show snowline has pushed up to a Winnipeg-Portage-Brandon line and then along and north of the Saskatchewan River basin in southern SK. Snowline should continue to erode a bit further north this week as above normal temperatures persist the rest of the week.

  3. My google account is not working right now and it won’t let me post here rob!

    This weather is crazy. Are we going to lose snowpack completely? It’s honestly pretty much gone now. Weren’t we talking about this earlier and saying that it’s highly unlikely to lose a snowpack once you get to mid November? I guess this year defied the odds.

    1. Yes, given the earlier outlooks of below normal temperatures persisting through November, it seemed highly unlikely we would lose our snowpack this season. But the pattern flipped to above normal last week, and we’re getting near or above freezing temps all this week. So yes, we will continue to lose our snowpack through the week.

      But changes are brewing for next week. A storm system will track through southern Manitoba Dec 3rd-4th with accumulating snow (maybe 5-10 cm) followed by a pattern change to below normal temps the rest of the week (minus teens to minus 20s) There are signs of an even colder push coming by late next week with temps in the minus 20s and 30s, so consider this current mild spell a nice break from what was an early start to winter this year.

  4. Mild weather continues through the weekend before the flip to colder weather sets in early next week. Pattern change will be marked by a system passing though southern Manitoba Sunday night into Monday with a few cm of snow (2-5 cm) followed by a wind flow from the north tapping colder air (minus teens). Some uncertainty in the models for later next week but it appears we briefly moderate again to near or slightly above normal by the end of the week, before another shot of even colder air moves in by the 10th or so. That cold spell may bring in minus 20s and possibly -30C readings by mid December.