Monday, December 21, 2015

Another round of snow moving into southern Manitoba Tuesday afternoon/evening.. 5-15 cm likely

Grey area highlights regions most likely
to see 5-15 cm snow Tuesday aftn/night
After a tame start to winter with little in the way of snow, Mother Nature is making up for it this week as yet another storm system brings another round of snow to southern Manitoba Tuesday. This will be the third significant snowfall of the past week in Winnipeg, after last Wednesday's 20 cm dump and Saturday's 5 cm snowburst. For tomorrow, a storm system pushing in from Washington state will track east into North Dakota, spreading snow along the US border by the lunch hour. As the system tracks east, snow will spread into the Red River valley and southeast Manitoba through the afternoon, reaching Winnipeg by mid to late afternoon just in time for the late afternoon rush hour. Snow will increase in intensity through the evening, with a period of heavy snow possible giving snowfall rates of 2-3 cm/hr at times. This will have serious impacts on the afternoon/evening rush hour if the band of heavy snow moves in by 4 pm. Total snowfall from this system is expected to be in the 7-10 cm range for most of the Red River valley including Winnipeg, but amounts of 10-15 cm are possible where the heavier snow band lingers a bit longer. Snow will taper off overnight Tuesday and should be done by the Wednesday morning commute. Luckily winds will not be that strong with this system and temperatures will be mild around -5C which should help with snow clearing operations Tuesday night.  Even so, expect a slower commute Wednesday morning as the city digs out from yet another snowfall.  


  1. Latest guidance suggesting snow won't be pushing into Winnipeg until 5 or 6 pm today... that would be good news for the commute home, but will still impact travel this evening. Heaviest snow expected tonight with snowfall warnings now in place south and east of city..

  2. Ended up with 12 cm during the night, and another 1 cm in the morning for a 13 cm storm total. That makes 41 cm in the past week.. which is quite a lot for Winnipeg. Normal snowfall for the entire month of December is 23 cm, so we got almost double that amount within 7 days.

    Note also that my snow pack is now at 33cm .. which is deeper than anytime last winter (max of 23 cm in late Feb) I forgot how snowless last winter was.

  3. I hope the snow stays away for a while.
    Merry Christmas Rob!!

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well!

      Doesn't look like any major systems for the next week or so as we get deeper into colder air over the next few days. Signs that we'll be trending towards above normal temps again by early January.

      The snowy weather of the past week has given Winnipeg our deepest snowcover on Christmas day since 2000. 30 cm snowdepth at my location this morning is deepest since 30 cm on Dec 25 2000 (which was a very COLD December) Never would have predicted we'd have a deep snowpack for Christmas this year with a super strong El Nino. It was looking pretty meager snow-wise until this past week. Just goes to show you how each El Nino is different, and how even in strong El Nino years, you can still get periods of cold and/or snowy weather.

      Merry Christmas everyone!