Thursday, February 13, 2014

Storm snowfall summary..

Some unofficial snowfall reports from last night's storm system.

Winnipeg .............. 10-12 cm 
Argyle .................. 15 cm
Oakbank .............. 10 cm
Pinawa .................. 10 cm
Brandon ................ 10 cm
St Labre ................ 10 cm
Carman .................  9 cm
Neepawa ..............  9 cm
Baldur .................... 9 cm
Brandon Airport ....  8 cm
Steinbach ............... 7 cm
Winkler .................. 6 cm

NOTE:  These reports are unofficial volunteer observations from various climate observing networks (e.g. COCORAHS, COOLTAP)   Official snowfall observations from airport sites (like Winnipeg airport) are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain due to automation and changes in observing responsibilities.

For Winnipeg, last night's snowfall puts our winter snowfall up to 117 cm since Nov 1st (as measured at my official observing location in Charleswood)  That's right on normal for an entire winter in Winnipeg (based on 1981-2010 normals) yet we still have 2-3 months of potential snowfall left.  For comparison, last year we had 116 cm of snow by mid February (pretty much exactly as this year), with a seasonal total of 172 cm by the end of April.    


  1. 10 cm at my place in Charleswood.

  2. I'm really stunned that the snow totals are the same as last year. I think last season , we must have done some melting in between, cause the snowbanks in my yard are higher than last season for mid February.

  3. Yeah, snowdepth is deeper this year, even though the same amount of snow has fallen so far. I think the combination of colder weather this winter, plus more frequent episodes of heavy drifting has resulted in higher snowbanks this year compared to last year. And we haven't even got into March when we can get some bad storms that give us the deepest snowcover of the winter!

  4. Looking for some good news...

    How long do you expect the coming warmup to last Rob?

  5. JoeL.. Looks like we stay mild Monday into Thursday, but then back to below normal again by Friday through next weekend. Likely will see some snow with that changeover Thursday.. but too early to say how much at this point. Note though that Euro and GDPS are hinting at a significant storm tracking through Minnesota/NW Ontario which could spell trouble for us. Just a heads up for now.. certainly not a for sure thing this far out, but something to keep in mind.

    Next chance of snow for us moves in later tomorrow into tomorrow night with 1 or 2 cm possible.. nothing major. Another chance of snow, perhaps 2-4 cm Sunday afternoon into Sunday night ahead of the warm front ushering in milder air for Monday. Nuisance snow more than anything this weekend..

  6. Watching that potential snow storm next week Wed/Thu. Could be nasty - or not. The GEM-GLB (GDPS) shows it as a double-barrel low, which are often tricky to forecast.


  7. Garth..

    Models have been waffling back and forth on that Thurs storm but current concensus seems to be building for an Alberta clipper tracking across southern MB and weakening while a stronger Colorado low type system takes over to the south, and tracks across the western Great Lakes into northern Ontario. We'll likely get some snow from the clipper, but main impact from Colorado low should be to our south and east if current trends hold. Will keep an eye on it to see if models track further west on that Colorado low..