Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snow spreading into Winnipeg from the west this afternoon.. 2-5 cm possible through this evening.

An area of snow over southern Saskatchewan is spreading into western Manitoba this morning, with visibilities starting to drop in the Dauphin and Brandon regions and towards the SK border.  Snow will continue to spread eastward today reaching Winnipeg by mid to late afternoon, in time for the evening rush hour.  Snow will continue to increase through the evening with about 2-5 cm likely in Winnipeg by midnight, with higher amounts of 5-10 cm possible along the Yellowhead corridor into the Riding Mountains.  Snow will gradually taper off overnight as this system pulls off to the east. Friday will be mainly cloudy but turning milder as southerly winds start drawing up warmer air from the south.  Another weak system will be crossing southern Manitoba Friday night into Saturday with more snow likely through the interlake regions, with mixed precipitation including the risk of freezing rain over Winnipeg and the RRV.  A stronger storm system will likely impact southern Manitoba Sunday night into Monday, with rain or freezing rain over the RRV changing to snow along with strong northwest winds and falling temperatures.

Follow snow on radar. Keep in mind that radar images from the Weatheroffice website are still on RAIN rate and will underplay snow intensities (radar will be changing to SNOW rate on Mon Dec 3rd). Consult Brad's radar viewer from A Weather Moment for radar images showing more accurate SNOW rate intensities.  For latest road and highway conditions, see Manitoba highways website.


  1. Rob, considering we are in for another storm system on monday do you know anything in particular of where it will track? What about snowfall amounts and rainfall?
    Is there currently a chance that EC will issue a watch or warning for this storm?

    Feedback would be appreciated, thank's.

  2. Mike.. Still too far out for any more specifics other than what I've indicated on my post. Best chance for heaviest snow will be mainly north of Winnipeg through the interlake areas, with some rain or freezing rain over southern MB changing over to snow as temps drop and NW winds pick up. Will likely be a poor day on the roads.. with things icing up as temperatures drop, and snow and blowing snow moving in.

  3. Snow starting to surface just west of Portage LP according to latest radar and cross sections. Snow expected to gradually spread into Winnipeg by 6 pm or so, hopefully after the rush hour peaks.

  4. Light snow has started in Portage LP.. likely another hour or two before it starts up in Winnipeg.

  5. Classic "snow virga" pattern showing up on Woodlands radar. Snow appears to be surrounding Winnipeg, when in fact, it's just snow aloft that is gradually descending until it surfaces. "Donut hole" around Winnipeg will shrink as snow descends to the ground, likely within the next hour or so.

  6. Snow definately approaching the city at 5:30 PM...should be here within the next half hour or so.

  7. Light snow at the airport as of 5:30 pm.

  8. Light snow beginning to fall in the southeast part of the city as well as of 5:40 PM..Windsor Park area

  9. Rob,

    how much snow do you think will fall in the Winnipeg area with Monday's system and are we expecting some very strong winds as well?

    Also, i'm hearing of a possible warmup later next week after a brief cooldown Tuesday and Wednesday...any thoughts on that?

  10. 2-3CM of snowfall here in Windsor park tonight, as of 10PM so it sure looks like 5CM is definate given more snow still falling and will likely fall through the night.

  11. 2 cm of snow at my place as of 1030 pm. Still snowing..

  12. 4 cm total here

  13. Hey Rob,

    Figure about 5 cm last night?
    More snow today?


  14. Total of 3.4 cm at my place.. 15 cm of snow on the ground. Looks quiet today with cloudy skies, maybe a few flurries but nothing significant here in Winnipeg. Better chance of more snow through the Interlake today into tonight.

  15. Rob's Obs 2012-13 snow statistics updated as of this morning..

    Nov 2012 snowfall .... 39.8 cm
    Normal Nov snow * .... 21.4 cm
    Departure ............ +18.4 cm
    Nov 2011 snowfall .... 22.0 cm

    Seasonal snowfall since Oct 1...

    2012-13 .............. 43.0 cm
    Normal to Nov 30 ..... 26.4 cm
    Departure ............ +16.6 cm
    Normal winter snow ... 110.0 cm
    % of normal winter ... 39%

    Last year to Nov 30 .. 22.0 cm
    % of normal winter ... 20%

    * Note that "normal" snowfall is taken from 1971-2000 averages from Winnipeg airport