Thursday, April 28, 2011

Intensifying storm system to bring showers Friday night.. colder weekend with possible .. snow??!!

An intensifying storm system is forecast to track across southern Manitoba Friday into Saturday, bringing some widespread precipitation across the Dakotas and southern Manitoba. The system is expected to push a band of showers across the Red River valley late Friday into Friday night, with isolated thunderstorms possible over the far south into the Dakotas. General rainfall amounts of 10 - 20 mm are possible across southern MB by Saturday morning, with locally higher amounts in thunderstorms. On Saturday, the storm system is forecast to track east of Lake Winnipeg, dragging colder air on the backside of the system, and changing rain to wet snow mainly over the Interlake regions although some snow could also fall in Winnipeg Saturday into Saturday night. Cold weather will persist through Sunday with temperatures well below normal for the beginning of May.


  1. Snow for the 1st day of May with a high of zero....are you sure that forecast is not as misprint...LOL

  2. Of course it's going to snow.. my daughter's first soccer game of the season is Sunday!

    Unfortunately, that's not a misprint.. that's the forecast based on the slower and more intense GLB model, showing wrap around snow and wind over the RRV Saturday night into Sunday. Other models are a little faster with the storm and show most of the snow occurring over the Interlake and Lake Winnipeg areas. I'm hoping that's the case.. although we'll still be cold and breezy for Sunday with some snow possible Saturday night.

    Why couldn't weather like today last through the weekend? Beautiful out there today with sunshine, light winds and amazingly low humidity (19% as of 1 pm)

  3. Looks like some showers and thundershowers are starting to form in Western Manitoba!!
    Looking out west from my balcony I can see the towering cumulus in the distance!!

  4. Interesting how that convection is firing up on a dry line.. however in this case, the dry air is east of the dry line and the higher dewpoints are to the west. Don't see that too often.

    I'm also surprised how low the dewpoints are in the RRV today.. you'd figure with all this water around, we wouldn't be able to see -5 to -10C dewpoints.

  5. Very nice.....Winter Storm Watches issued for parts of the province.

    May is the new March?

  6. You have to wonder about Mother Nature's sense of timing.. we end the week on a glorious 20 degree day (first 20 degree day of the season), and then she has to pay us back with snow for the weekend. I am not amused.. :(

    Big discrepancy between NAM and GEM in terms of potential snowfall for Winnipeg and RRV this weekend. NAM brings in dry slot over RRV Saturday and puts bulk of snow over SW MB and Interlake areas.. GEM on the other hand keeps dry slot south of the border and plasters us with significant snow Saturday night. Track of 700 mb low will be key. I'm hopeful NAM's better track record with these systems will win out again this time, but I'm getting the feeling Winnipeg will be waking up to a blanket of snow May 1st (hopefully not as deep as May 1st 1967 when 21 cm fell in Winnipeg!!)

  7. Who would have thought? And as I speak it's 22 C. My own informal records indicate we've had snow events, since 2002, on May 4, 5, 9, and 11. The May 11, 2004 snowfall was a heavy one. The snow stayed until May 15, on which day we had a heavy thunderstorm. So no shortage of unusual weather in May.