Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Powerful storm system to bring strong winds, rain and season's first snow to southern MB..

An intense storm system over northern Minnesota is bringing powerful winds, heavy rain and snow over a wide swath of the Northern Plains and eastern Prairies.. the first significant storm of the fall season. After a quiet storm free month, Mother Nature is making up for it with a record setting storm system to close out October. The storm is setting records for the lowest barometric pressure on record for a storm in the Northern Plains (962 mb), and may possibly approach the all time lowest pressure for a non tropical storm in the US (currently at 955 mb)

This storm has brought significant rain over southern MB with at least 25 to 40 mm across the Red River valley, with more expected tonight into Wednesday before it mixes with or changes to snow during the day. Further west, a snowfall warning is in effect for western MB from Swan River to Pilot Mound for 10 to 25 cm of snow tonight into Wednesday.

This will be the season's first major blast of winter weather over Southern Manitoba so residents planning on travel through Western Manitoba tonight or Wednesday should be prepared for hazardous winter travel conditions including the Yellowhead and Transcanada highways west of Portage. Precipitation from this system is expected to stay mainly as rain over the Red River Valley and Southeast Manitoba, however the rain is expected to change to wet snow during the day Wednesday with some slushy accumulations possible by evening. In addition strong northerly winds are expected to develop across Southern Manitoba later today into tonight with gusts to 80 km/h likely over the Red River Valley by Wednesday. Local gusts of 90 to 100 km/h are possible along the southern shores of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg where northerly winds blow off the open water. Gale warnings are in effect for those lakes with large waves likely tonight and Wednesday with local beach erosion possible. All in all, a powerful storm to take us into the winter season!


  1. Pressure at my station is down to 968 mb and still falling.. easily the lowest pressure at my site since I got this station 10 years ago. Unfortunately, my anemometer has stopped recording wind speed for some reason.. which is why it's always showing calm. Hopefully it starts registering before those winds pick up tonight and tomorrow!

  2. My pressure data was from the Great Blizzard of 1978. Also, the accuweather guys are saying that this was the lowest pressure...but maybe they are wrong.


  3. Down to 966mb at my site in Transcona...

  4. Trying to determine how far east the rain/snow line is going to set up is a forecasting nightmare!!

    NWS grand forks insists that blizzard like conditions could be as far east as Devils Lake basin!!!

  5. Winter Storm Warnings, blizzard warnings, and high wind warnings issued for almost all of North Dakota!

    I would assume a wind warning could be issued for Winnipeg this afternoon??!!

    As for rainfall....anybody have rainfall amount for the airport??

  6. There is a personal weather station in Northern Minnesota that is recording a pressure of 954mb, so the record value looks to be irrelevant.


  7. Fargo ND has had wind gusts to 59 mph in the past hour!!

    Even Winnipeg wind gusts are now approaching 60 km/h!

  8. Rob!
    Is Winnipeg getting close to rainfall warning levels???

    Looking at the radar returns looks like Winnipeg could be stuck under some heavier rain bands!!!

  9. Record breaking 958 MB low according to NWS Grand Forks... so intense that warm air has dumb belled all the way around it, yielding warmer temps the further north and east one goes. Change over to snow will occur much sooner off to our SW. We have seen this general pattern several times with recent systems...

  10. The strong winds are really starting to settle into the Red River Valley!
    Gusts apporaching 70 km/h at Winnipeg airport!

    I live in a high rise apartment and winds are making the building rumble and rattle!

  11. The airport has had 35 mm of rain since midnight, so well below the warning criteria of 50 mm in a 24 hour period. As well the strongest wind gust has only been around 70 km/h so far, again well below the warning threshold of 90 km/h for Winnipeg. So a doozy of a storm for sure but nothing that would require a warning.

  12. ANON Posted this to Robs previous Entry this afternoon

    BigFork Airport northeast of Bemidji MN recorded 955mb at 5pm this afternoon.

    See Station Data on my name

  13. Rob! What chance is there for a fifth 100mm of rain month for this year.

  14. It's official, this is the lowest pressure ever recorded in the mainland US, surpassing the Great Blizzard of 1978

    So far the lowest pressure is being called at 955mb...I guess we'll find out soon if that is the final value.


  15. Wind Warning issued for the Red River Valley!

    They say exposed areas could see winds gusts reach 110 km/h!

    exposed areas?????
    Area's like the airport????

  16. The wind is blowing the rain so hard sideways it's hard to tell if some snow is trying to mix in here in the city??!!