Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warm air returns Sunday mainly south and east of Winnipeg..

A sharp frontal zone over northern North Dakota brought cloudy skies and rain over the Red River valley today, keeping afternoon temperatures only in the mid teens.. some 15C cooler than 24 hours earlier. On Sunday, this frontal zone will move back north as a warm front to lie across southern Manitoba by afternoon. Current indications are that this frontal zone will lie just south and east of Winnipeg Sunday afternoon, with temperatures reaching 30C south of this boundary over the southern Red River valley and southeast Manitoba. (see Sunday afternoon NAM temperature forecast image) Temperatures will be sharply cooler north and west of this front, with highs only in the mid teens to 20C along with occasional showers. At this point, it looks like most of this shower activity should stay north of Winnipeg.. good news for the final day of the LPGA golf tournament. However, the frontal zone will be close enough to the city to keep a threat of some showers, along with temperatures in the low to mid 20s (if we get some sunshine, 20c if we stay cloudy) This frontal zone will become stalled over the Red River valley Sunday night into Monday night with showers and thunderstorms moving in giving the potential for locally heavy rain as storms "train" along the stalled frontal zone.


  1. Sunday will be very similar to the set up on Sept 7 2002 when a sharp warm front bisected southern Manitoba, with highs reaching 16C in Portage, 22C in Winnipeg, 28C in Emerson and Steinbach, 33C in Sprague and 35C in Grand Forks. Click on my name for a surface map from that afternoon..

  2. Enivornment Canada seems confused with the temperature forecast.

    This is a really tricky forecast to call!
    31 C to 25 C to 28 C!
    You would think their ready to rip their hair out!

  3. Also very similar to August 31, 2008 although the front stalled a bit further NW...

  4. Rainfall warning issued for much of the interlake region! 50-70 mm possible!

  5. Question is how much rain could Winnipeg get?

    Could this be one of those situations where storm after storm trains over the same area again and again?

  6. Interesting situation devloping today with sharp frontal zone over SE MB providing focus for potential severe tstorms later today into this evening mainly over southern RRV and SE MB. SPC indicating potential for tornadic supercells over eastern ND/NW MN along frontal boundary late today before storms transition into a squall line with large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain threat this evening and tonight. Still hard to say whether Winnipeg will see some of this activity depending on where frontal boundary sets up and where convection fires up... however situation bears watching. I don't think we'll see severe storms this far north, however we may get some heavy rain out of it. Stay tuned..