Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ideal weather as Olympic torch comes to Winnipeg

Weather conditions should be ideal this evening as the Olympic torch comes to Winnipeg.  Temperatures at the Forks should be around -12 to -13C this evening with light winds and a few flurries in the air, very pleasant conditions for early January when temperatures and windchills could be a lot more brutal.  A weather system over Montana will bring an area of snow over southwestern MB this evening but the bulk of the snow is expected to track into North Dakota overnight into Wednesday. Increasing northerly winds will draw in colder conditions over Winnipeg and southern MB for Wednesday through Friday before milder conditions move in on the weekend.   


  1. Extremely dry snow today. I only collected 0.3mm of water from almost 2cm of snow.

  2. The snow is like fluff. If you step on it it almost dissappears. Is this the same type of snow we are getting tonight and tomorrow.

  3. Doesn't take much wind to create some drifting and blowing snow out there with that type of snow in open areas. I've heard that their was a lot of that along some open sections of Bishop Grandin this morning, even though winds were practicly calm.