Friday, September 11, 2009

Drier weekend.. with above normal temperatures continuing next week!

Today's wet weather will give way to drier conditions for the weekend.. with temperatures remaining above normal for this time of year. Saturday will see partly cloudy skies with the chance of a stray shower, with highs in the low 20s. Sunday is looking very nice with sunshine , light winds, and high temperatures climbing into the mid 20s. Warm dry weather is expected for the first part of the week with highs in the mid to upper 20s, with a chance of some showers and slightly cooler conditions by Wednesday or Thursday. Still.. temperatures are expected to remain above normal through next weekend as the summery September of 2009 continues.


  1. Overcast skies today behind a storm system and we still managed to get to above normal values. Now that's a nice change from the last 9 months!

  2. Special weather statement issued for areas of dense fog developing across southern MB tonight due to clear skies, light winds and relatively high dewpoints. Local near zero visibilities in fog likely overnight through early morning Sunday.

  3. Rob!

    Who does the hourly observations at the Winnipeg airport???

    Sometimes on weatheroffice website you see observations done in BETWEEN the hours!!

    Is that all manned observations at the airport???

  4. Daniel..

    Yes, there is still a human observer at Winnipeg airport, but they only add certain observations above the readings from the automated instrumentation that gives temperature, wind, cloud height, visibility, etc. For example, the observer will add "thunderstorm" to an observation if one is occurring since the automated station can't observe it.

    Mandatory observations are done on the hour every hour. Sometimes extra observations will be taken between hours which are called "specials". These are taken when certain weather criteria are met that impact aviation such as start or end of precipitation, occurrence of thunder, designated cloud height or visibility limits, etc.

  5. Dense fog starting to lift this morning, with some sunshine starting to poke through. Should be a beautiful mid September day once the fog lifts with sunny blue skies and 25C temperatures. Enjoy!

  6. Rob is the humidity going to go down. It would be nice if we could dry something out.

  7. With a southerly flow over the next few days, we'll be staying with these mid teen dewpoints so things will be damp in the mornings. The good news is that we'll have plenty of sunny and warm afternoons through midweek to dry things up a bit. Models show drier air coming in for later this week with northeast winds out of a ridge to our north.. but we get a brief return to the warm moist southerlies by the weekend. Models showing some cooler drier air moving in by the 3rd week of September..

  8. Rob Would that cooler air include some Mosquito destroying cold?

    If not, is there any in the 3rd week of Sept.

  9. Agreed...we need a good frost to wipe those suckers out!

  10. Models not indicating any significant risk of a hard frost here until at least the third week of September... so we're going to have to put up with these pests for awhile. There will be some windy days that will bring some relief.. but we'll have to wait for a killing freeze. City fogging efforts have largely been ineffective against the current mosquito onslaught.. at least here in Charleswood. They're the worst when the winds are light and the humidity is up (like today)

  11. Even something in the mid single digits would slow those suckers.

    Assume your third week ref is to the week ending the 27th

  12. That sunrise burning the mist over St Vital Park and the River is long overdue and very welcome. I won't tire of seeing many more of these this Summer Rather fry not freeze those skeeters

  13. Rob!

    Could Winnipeg break any temperature records this week????

    With temperatures in the high 20's we must be close!

    Can you believe the weather we have been getting the last few weeks????

    It is like the whole summer getting condensed into September!!!

  14. Yes, it's great having summer in September (well, maybe not for the kids). As nice as it is, we're not in record breaking territory this week.. record highs this time of year are still in the 30-33C range, and I don't think we'll be seeing those kind of temps. There is a possibility of hitting a a record high on Sunday Sept 20th. Winnipeg's record high that day is "only" 27.8C.. one of only 3 days in September never to hit at least 30C in Winnipeg. Progs show a nice warmup for the weekend before a cold front goes through Sunday or Monday. If that front can hold off until Monday, perhaps we can hit a record high Sunday. Records or not, I'm loving this weather!

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